Future Games Show 2020 -- Major Highlights and Upcoming New Games For PC PC 

Even with the pandemic still ongoing, the gaming community still shows its utmost support in the recently concluded Future Games Show 2020 which serves as the alternate event for E3 this year.

The said gameshow being spearheaded by Gamesradar+ showcase the biggest and the most anticipated games that will soon hit the market for both next-generation consoles. However, one can observe that majority of the highlights of Future Gameshow are all PC games ranging from FPS to RPG. The event features 40+ games from developers such as Square Enix and Polyamorous Game.

For those who missed the said online gameshow, here are the juciest game reveal for PC console that you need to put on your radar for the next couple of months:

Quantum Error

Quantum Error is a survival horror game that features the firefighter Jacob Thomas who is given a mission to explore the ominous Monad Quantum Research Facility only to realize that his investigation will lead not only to fire but to something more dreadful and sinister. The game is set for release in the summer of 2020. Its developer promise that nearly all in-game objects in Quantum Error can be virtually simulated.


It seems gamers are still itching for more cyberpunk theme video games nowadays and Ghostrunner is among the upcoming titles that will definitely quell your thirst for an FPS action in a futuristic yet violent world. The game promise a fast and frentic combat doused not only with gun fights but also with some good old sword duels and free-running ala Assassins Creed. The game is set for launching later this year.

Serial Cleaners

Serial Cleaner is a follow-up to the infamous stealth action game where players are doing the goriest job of all which is cleaning crime evidence and getting away from it. If that premise sounds strange yet interesting, you will also be wowed by its 1990s inspired setting and aesthetic. Serial Cleaners is slated to be launched on 2021.

Morbid: The Seven Acolytes

RPG lovers will crave this horrorpunk isometric game that set in a universe filled with Lovecraftian terrors along with arcade-style gameplay that allows you to customize and upgrade your characters as it hack and slash nightmarish monsters sprawling everywhere in a twisted city. The catch though is that the more you get deeper into the levels, the more you must check your character's sanity level. Morbid is expected to be released later this year.

Cygni: All Guns Blazing

Though there is no date indicated when will Cygni becomes available for PC, the trailer is already enough for you to wait for patiently as the game itself is another surefire hit for someone who wants a nostalgic experience. Cygni is a two-stick vertical shoot em up game that lets you control a space fighter akin to classic games such as R-Type and Gradius with added flair in the graphics.


Dustborn is like a "barkada road trip" game that combines some elements of X-men and punk rock band stylized in cel-shaded graphics and a complete story drive gameplay. The game's main premise revolves around your power and the mysterious package that you will bring from country to country while also trying your best to arrive on time in a battle of the band competition. The game is set for PC next year.