FwydChickn called out the MPL PH production team for taking his 'critique' out of context

Guild of Guardians
Ian “FwydChickn '' Hohl, an EXP Laner of the Gaimin Gladiators, expressed his concern about how MPL PH managed his critique regarding the league’s production quality.


Previously, FwydChickn shared his thoughts regarding MPL ID and MPL PH, in which he commended the former for being entertaining in terms of production quality. However, it later on sparked a discussion within the MLBB community when the MPL PH Season 13 broadcast allegedly showcased FwydChickn's remarks as a negative light towards MPL PH.

The week 3 broadcast of MPL PH season 13 also shared Hohl’s statement during the off-match segment in a quotation mark that says
“I’ve always enjoyed [MPL-ID] more than [MPL-PH]. I’ve always gravitated more towards [MPL-ID], and it’s always been more entertaining. [MPL-PH] gets a little stale sometimes.”

In a YouTube video posted by Hohl on April 8, 2024, he shared how the MPL PH production team took his statements out of context to manipulate the fans, which resulted in him receiving hateful remarks and slandering from the MPL PH fanbase.

However, after expressing his thoughts, FwydChickn clarified that he is aware that the entire scene is the production team’s fault, not the hosts nor the players.


“The people I am addressing are the ones who sit behind their computers and headsets coming up with their horrid ideas of production entertainment and just half-a** production overall,” he said.

FywdChickn emphasized that his critique was intended to highlight areas of improvement for MPL PH production, not to ignite the fire of controversy. While he is not blaming the hosts of MPL PH, FwydChickn noted in the comment section that he won’t take the video down and ask for an apology.

“Btw [by the way], I will not take this video down, apologize, or do anything related ‘til MPL PH apologizes on Stage Stream, not just some half-a** community post. They get to ridicule me on [the] production stage, so they have to apologize on that same stage.”

FywdChickn ended his video by saying how he finds it funny that an entire MPL production team would be petty against a Pro-Player Youtuber with 120K subscribers that critiques their production quality.