FwydChickn explained why he enjoyed MPL Indonesia more than MPL Philippines

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Esports scene has been making a buzz and is talked about more worldwide as different regions have been involved as audiences giving their thoughts on the current ongoing tournaments. An iconic MLBB player from the North America region, Ian Hohl a.k.a. FwydChickn, shared his thoughts about two of the most popular MLBB Professional League (MPL) tournaments, MPL Indonesia (MPL ID) and MPL Philippines (MPL PH). He laid out some points via his livestream that makes him think why MPL ID is more entertaining to watch than MPL PH.


“I haven’t watched much of MPL PH [because] I’ve always enjoyed MPL Indo more than PH”, FwydChickn said. “But my team watches MPL PH a lot”, he added.

He is currently part of the Gaimin Gladiators team as EXP Laner. He and his team are watching out for the world-class plays and strategies in MPL PH but personally he said MPL ID has better production quality, a factor to captivate the viewers. He also cited that the presence of featured guests is also significant for the overall viewing experience.

“I’ve always just gravitated towards Indo, it’s always been more entertaining. PH gets a little stale sometimes,” said by FwydChickn during his livestream. He also mentioned the off-match segments in which Indonesia has been better in terms of production. “Indonesia production is objectively better than PH, not even a joke… I’ll watch Indonesia between games actually for the cameraman and what they do between stuff. But in PH, I just click off, I don’t care” he explained.


He also prefers interaction with content creators instead of what MPL-PH is doing which is interacting with fans. “Pros [and content creators], they know how to entertain, that’s like their job, so they know how to keep an audience. But [in] PH, a lot of times I see them go to fans… they don’t know how to be entertaining because they’re just nervous and stuff.”

FwydChickn concluded his comments with a clarifying statement that it is not meant to offend MPL PH fans but to highlight why MPL ID is excellent in terms of keeping the viewers entertained between matches. His critiques are valid opinions on the difference between MPL ID and MPL PH. MPL ID has the distinction of being able to entertain audiences despite off-match while MPL PH displays great on-match gameplays and analysis.

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