FwydChickn issue with MPL PH, Maxim Korea Educating IGN, AP Bren coach Ducky, Pokimane top social earner, LOL Bullet Heaven and more

Guild of Guardians
In our recent gaming podcast, Filipino gamers talk about the issue between FwydChickn and MPL PH, Tomb Raider is no longer about Raiding, Maxim Korea Educating IGN, Healthy Gaming according to AP Bren coach Ducky, League of Legends Bullet Heaven PVE mode, Top Earning Social According to Pokimane, Heroes Eclipse, and more featuring a Filipino game developer MadCats.


Top Earning Social According to Pokimane
Pokimane, a well-known content creator, shared insights on the profitability of various social media platforms for influencers. She ranked YouTube as the most profitable, highlighting its long-term earning potential where content can generate revenue years after publication. This contrasts with Twitch, which, despite offering multiple revenue streams like ads and donations, is considered more volatile and reliant on a consistent audience. Her perspective underscores the importance of platform choice for creators seeking sustainable income. She added videos on YouTube can still make you money even years later.

Maxim Korea Educating IGN
In a follow-up to the Stellar Blade saga, Maxim Korea has released an educational video showcasing unrealistic body figures in real life. They even sighted the IGN Article and Twitter post in regards IGN France editor-chief meltdown. So in the video, they asked, what is a realistic body shape? while showcasing the real-life character model. They also asked if this was about political correctness.

Then finally a video shoot with the real-life model of Stellar Blade Eve Shin Jae-Eun with the caption. Educating about the existing body shapes in reality, was brutal.

League of Legends Bullet Heaven PVE mode
Riot Games has announced that League of Legends has a new PvE game mode on the way. What game modes do you want? FPS? Driving? Riot Games stated that this upcoming PvE game mode will be different because the developers said that this game mode will be somewhat along the lines of "Bullet Heaven Survivor PvE”. In short, this game mode will likely be similar to titles like Vampire Survivors players will be able to fight against hordes of enemies by themselves or with friends. According to Riot Games the bullet heaven survivor genre is slated to be released sometime during the mid-year event in 2024. However, note that this will not be a permanent game mode.

Heroes Eclipse
Recently the was a Solar Eclipse right? You might think people would have been searching for the best way to watch a Solar Eclipse or what type of sunglasses work. However, that's not what happened. According to Google Trends, In the United States the search term for “eyes hurt” increased, I'm pretty sure you can connect the dots.

Speaking of Solar Eclipse, A ‘Heroes’ Reboot In The Works From Series Creator Tim Kring. Did you watch Heroes? Heroes: Eclipsed will reportedly be set years after the events of the original series and feature new heroes plus new and familiar villains sounds like the limited series Heroes Reborn. But what do you think?

FwydChickn and MPL PH
There seems to be a drama in regards to MPL PH and MPL ID It kinda started when FwydChickn claimed MPL ID Is More Entertaining Than MPL PH as reported by the AFKGaming website. FwydChickn is Gaimin Gladiator’s, EXP Laner. He pointed out that MPL ID's production quality as well as its off-match segments are better. FwydChickn event admitted that the MPL PH is better in terms of team gameplay and strategies. Unfortunately, that wasn't the message the fans and even the MPL production got.

So what happened is during the off-match segment live stream for Week 3 of MPL PH Season 13. The host kinda broadcasted what he said. Unfortunately not the whole part but mainly about the MPL PH being boring compared to MPL ID. It was a funny segment (so not boring anymore). However, FwydChickn didn't like so he made a response titled MPL PH is manipulating its fans. in this response, FwydChickn clarified that he is aware that it is not the fault of the hosts or pro players but rather the production team. He also exclaimed that he is addressing the ones who sit behind their computers and headsets coming up. Those with their horrid ideas of production entertainment and just half-ass production overall. He has some points however you poke the beehive don't expect just the honey. But what do you guys think what are your thoughts on this?

AP Bren coach Ducky
In a recent media interview, AP Brens Coach Ducky shared some significance of a healthy gaming lifestyle. As nonpro players what is a healthy lifestyle for you?

So here is the AP Bren healthy gaming lifestyle according to Coach Ducky the team makes use of its free time to rest instead of keeping the grind going
like giving them the entire Holy Week to themselves. This provided the team with a mental reset, especially for kids who are probably stressed. He also gives the team time a day off whenever possible to "experience life outside of MLBB." A balance between playing hard and resting should be considered. For amateurs, they play for 16 to 24 hours when you enter the pro scene it has to be limited to 8 to 10 hours, You can't stay up late. He also finds it crazy to play for 16 hours.

Those are just some of the key points there's more, could this be Coach Ducky shares secret to becoming World Champions? In a sense, this also applies to even sports rest before the match or fight (mainly to avoid getting injured). What are your thoughts on this?

Tomb Raider No longer about Raiding
Aside from Angelina Jolie what comes to your mind when we say Tomb Raider? Aside from Alicia Vikander from Tulip Fever or Ex Machina. How about the gameplay?

Well, it seems like things are changing probably because of the solar eclipse. According to a press release article in regards to Tomb Raider Shadows of Truth. The British adventurer Lara Croft will transition from being a raider of tombs to a seeker of truth. This is because Evil Hat Productions and Crystal Dynamics seek to redefine the Tomb Raider series. Main in order to escape a history wounded by colonialism. This is according to an excerpt from the official Tomb Raider Shadows of Truth RPG rulebook. This sounds like a different game maybe Truth Raider or something or Resident Evil without the evil, spiderman without the man, and many more.

There is some form of internalized guilt, my suggestion change the character, change the tile, and probably call it another game. Because you know mainstream media if the sales of the franchise fall they will blame us and probably call us sexist in the process. But what does the audience think? is it time to change established characters and lores to fit the Western narrative? Let us know in the comments.

Pinoy Game Developer MadCats
Our guest today is MadCat / Evrin Kent? Tell us about yourself. What games do you play? What's your favorite? You mentioned you are a game developer, which tells us more about the life of a game developer. What advice can you give to aspiring game developers? Since a lot of Western companies are doing layoffs is it the same in the local market? why do you think so?

Are you working on a game, can you tell us about it? or is there something you want to promote, Tells us about the Glacial Strain of the game, the process of developing the game, the Release date, and the price.

An ancient viral strain has re-entered the world. People are coming back from the dead and no one knows why. Play as a group of survivors with your friends in this 4-player co-op action survival horror and uncover the mysterious events that have unfolded.

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