Galaxy Racers exacts revenge, wins NetEase Games' Top Clans 2020 Dota 2 SEA Invitational Championship

Galaxy Racers proves that there’s no such thing as giving up for them, bouncing back from the lower bracket to win the Top Clans 2020 Dota 2 championship title.

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Winning a shot at redemption

Galaxy Racer came close to being eliminated from the tournament as they battled Adroit Esports in the Lower Bracket finals. The objective for both teams is not just to win. Reaching the finals will give them the chance of redeeming themselves, and exacting revenge on Motivate.Trust Gaming.

The first battle didn’t last long. Galaxy Racer’s performance was a clinic, placing Adroit in a precarious position. As Galaxy Racer won the first game, Adroit was able to push back and resist, forcing a Game 3. While the first two games have both been one-sided, the last game was more fairly-fought. The victor wasn’t sure until halfway through, as the lead passed from one team or another. But then, Galaxy Racer’s relentless push in the middle lane allowed them to turn the tides to their favor. In one fell sweep, Galaxy Racer broke through Adroit’s defenses, shattering their towers, their hopes, and their dreams.

Vengeance served

Galaxy Racer A.png

Previously, Motivate.Trust Gaming swept their opponents to reach the Finals stage, awaiting their challenger being undefeated so far in the playoffs. In the Upper Bracket finals, they fought against Galaxy Racer, and proved to be the stronger team.

Their loss gave Galaxy Racer an additional step towards the championship. But having defeated their opponents in the Lower Bracket finals, they turn their eyes towards the team they’ve lost against.

Fueled by vengeance, Galaxy Racer swiftly took Game 1 away from Motivate.Trust Gaming, handing the Thais their first loss in the playoffs. Just as easily they took Game 1, Galaxy Racer again snowballed through Game 2. This sudden reversal in fortune must have made Motivate.Trust Gaming rethink their strategies. Going into Game 3, Motivate.Trust Gaming brought out Ember Spirit and won. With this strategy working, they bring Ember Spirit in on Game 4 as well. However, Galaxy Racer figured the Ember Spirit out immediately, winning the last match decisively.

Although Motivate.Trust Gaming dominated their way to the Finals, Galaxy Racer proved to be the more capable team. At the end of the Top Clans 2020 Dota 2 SEA Invitational, it’s Galaxy Racer who won the gold.

More Action Coming Your Way

The action continues for NetEase Games’ Top Clans 2020 tournaments for MARVEL Super War, Rules of Survival, and Tom and Jerry: Chase. To remain updated to the latest results of the matches, tune in on the Top Clans 2020 official pages on Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch. The live stream will also be available in Thai language on the Top Clans Thailand Facebook page and Malay on Ancient Galaxy Esports. You can also follow news and updates about Top Clans 2020 on (EN) and (TH). Cambodian fans may also watch the livestreams in their own language at the Playgame Facebook page.

Stay tuned and cheer hard! This is Passion.

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