Game Beauty reveals Attack on Titan makeup with pre-orders now available!

Attack on Titan makeup is now available through Game Beauty. They are selling makeups based on the well-known characters and elements of the series such as Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and Levi, as well as the Maria, Rose, and Sina walls. Game Beauty has now opened pre-orders for the items until March 7, 2024 on their official website.

attack on titan makeup.png

Fans of the series who are interested in the makeups can purchase items from the collection per piece. For example, the Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and Levi lip glosses are $15 (P838.43) each but if you will buy it per bundle, then it will only cost $55 (P3,074.23).

attack on titan makeup lip gloss 1.png

attack on titan makeup lip gloss.png

On the other hand, the Maria, Rose, and Sina eye shadow palettes are $18 (P1,006.11) each but if bought by bundle, then it will only amount to $49 (P2,738.86). There’s also a full collection of the makeup that can be purchased, which only costs $96 (P5,365.92). But if you would also like it to come along with a commemorative gift box then it will cost you $106 (P5,924.87).

attack on titan makeup shadow.png

If interested to have any of these in your makeup collection, pre-order yours now!