Game Developer Donuts Announces New Mobile RPG "DRAGON"

Donuts, developer of BLACK STAR - Theater Starless and Warship Craft, has recently announced a new mobile RPG with the working title "DRAGON".


DRAGON is currently in development under Donuts and will be working alongside Hiroshi Moriyama in co-developing the game. Hiroshi Moriyama is a games director known for working different game titles such as Castle and Dragon and Dragon League. It will also be produced by Takehiro Ando and the game is said to be Donuts' first large-scale 3D development title.

Donuts have also opened up recruitment for the project's development. Interested applicants can check out and submit their application in the game's official website. There will be various open positions across different divisions which includes producers, management, planning, art director, 2D illustrators, 3DCG designers for modelling, motion and effects, engineers, and scenario writer.


Aside from the staff recruitment, future information and details about the game will be revealed through their website. You can also check out some of the visual teasers they have shared, as well as more details about Donuts.

DRAGON is set to take place in a world of floating islands and of course, as the name suggests, dragons. It is the company’s first large-scale 3D title and is probably an ambitious one, following the footsteps of other similar games like Genshin Impact. Considering their goal, Donuts intend to provide players with an experience that has never been seen before in mobile devices.

Since DRAGON is still underway, information about the game system, gameplay, characters and other details have not been released yet. But rest assured that it will be revealed sometime in the future. Check out their official website and stay tuned for future information.
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