Game Exhibition in Taiwan


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Jan 14, 2019
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Hey, I’m exchanging in Taiwan, just passed by TPGS, cost me 10$ to get it. Also you may order 2 set of fast food with that money.
Mostly good in the show.

Good decoration. My friend played and paid on this.
there are some event, but kinda crowded.

Mostly famous companies in section 1, BANDAI, SONY, BIOHAZARD, SEIKIRO and some others

Big one with Taiwan art style.

Cute, boooooobs and smashing faceless minions.

I moved around check out the cool decos and get to section 2 with indie games.
More tiny games here, but the hosts gets shy for foreigners. I spent the rest of day test playing.

This is a good one. You eat stuff to grow new effect and there are scenes based on real Taiwan streets. And a Beyblade Burst draw game also pretty dope.

Lots fun stuff here, anyone went to it too?