[GAME][FREE]Screaming Noppy - game with voice control


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Jul 8, 2022
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Kostia Kuchmenko
I want to introduce you to the game - "Screaming Noppy"
The game is free.
Requirements: Android 4.4+
Download on Google Play:

The name of the game is Screaming Noppy, by the name you can understand that the game is somehow connected with sounds, and if you thought that way, then congratulations, you are moving in the right direction! This is a game that allows you to control the main character with your voice, or various sounds (there are a lot of opportunities to complete this game, you can even complete it with Elvis Presley singing).In short, this is a 2D platformer in black and white style with voice control.

Dodge various traps, solve puzzles and look for pascals, and for completing levels and discovering secrets you can get a hat that you can put on the main character, Noppy loves when he is dressed in various hats (^◡^ )

Screaming Noppy is a game that improves your mood due to the absurdity of how others play this game, and especially when you play it, it's funny to watch someone scream at the phone, and it's especially funny that screaming makes something move on monitor.

Game Features:
★ Use sounds to control your character - "Scream, laugh, you can even breathe into the microphone, whatever, there are a lot of ways to complete this game"
★ 35 different levels, not similar to each other
★ Ability to play the game without internet
★ The ability to dress up your character in hats that you can get for completing levels
★ Interesting levels that won't let you get bored because of their difficulty, although, no I'm lying, they are easy
★ Secret levels, although I'm silent... (⌐■_■) Let's move on ▼
★ Easter eggs? (•_•)>⌐■-■