Game of War: Fire Age Walkthrough


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Nov 4, 2018
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Game of War: Fire Age is a massive real time strategy game where players are tasked to build their empire from a humble stronghold into a formidable army. There are resources to gather and armies to train, and together with your hero, you can attack and defend your land as well as form allegiances with other players. There’s a lot of information to take in for players who are new to these types of games, but hopefully this guide will get you through the basics with relative ease.

Game of War: Fire Age is a building simulation and real time strategy game. Players can construct buildings and train armies that can be used for offensive and defensive purposes. There are also allegiances to join, which is especially important as allies can share resources as well as help each other in their respective tasks. Aside from working together, players can also attack each other, and the winning team will be able to gain additional resources as rewards.

Resources are mostly required for building as well as for upkeep, such as for feeding soldiers in your army. Resources can be acquired through structures that produce them, or can be also earned as rewards. It is important to also have a well upgraded storehouse so that your resources can be protected against attacks, and to have a high capacity so that your production will continue even while you are not using them.

Gold is the main currency within the game. Gold can be used to purchase items as well as resources that you are short of. Joining and winning events can earn you gold, and there are other rare chances where you can get gold. However, the most efficient way to get gold is via in-app purchases where you will have to spend real money.

Several structures can be built in and around your land, and each has a variety of advantages that will help your kingdom. These can range from producing resources, training soldiers, doing research for the advancement of skills and unlocking additional content, beefing up your defense, crafting weapons, and many more. Upgrading these structures is also necessary as they will gain additional benefits as they level up. Building and upgrading structures will take resources as well as time to accomplish, although you can speed these up using speedups.

Your army is a very integral part of the game. Players can train their armies and deploy them as they wish, although there are limitations on how many you can send out depending on your stronghold’s level. Deploying the right number of troops as well as being equipped by the right items is essential to victory.

Players also have the option of sending their hero out when battling other lands. Heroes provide boosts that can help all members of your troops, and weapons that have been crafted and equipped with gems will help bolster your ranks even more. Take caution, though, as heroes can be captured and executed, and players would either have to get a new hero, rescue the captured hero, or ask for help from allies to get your hero back.

For defense, players would also have to fortify their walls, as these would act in the same way as troops should others try to invade you. In battle, the player who is able to deal the most damage will win, and the skirmish’s victor will be able to get rewards, mostly in the form of resources.

Players can join alliances so that they can help in attacking other lands as well as defending their own. Allies can also help each other out, especially when certain tasks need to be sped up. In addition, joining alliances and interacting with them will earn players Alliance Points that players can spend in the store. Also, allies can chat with each other so that they can coordinate their plan of action.

There are various quests that players can perform in Game of War: Fire Age. The first type of quests are inherent to each game, and these serve as tutorials on what you can do within and outside your empire. The other two are Daily and Alliance quests where players would simply have to click on the desired quest and wait for it to finish. Completing quests will get you great rewards such as XP for your heroes, silver, and other resources, so it is recommended to prioritize these above all else.

There is a lot of additional content and other things to do within the game that are not included in this guide. Fortunately, the game has a very comprehensive tutorial on how to play the game successfully. Find the How to Play menu in the Others tab so that you will get more information on how to dominate this massive game that provides you with tons of freedom on what to do and who to conquer.