Game Recommendation: No Overwatch? No problem. Try playing Paladins!

Wanted to play Overwatch but you're poor as hell? I feel you. We're the same. But if you want to play a game similar and may I say, - better - than Overwatch for free, well, there is a game that is just right for you! Paladins!

Want to play as a canon wielding dragon? Done. Want to play as a flamethrower wielding tank? Done. Want to play as a literal bomb throwing mini bombs? Done. Paladins has a wide range of champions you can choose from! And these characters have different skills sets. These heroes are categorized into four different categories:
  • Tanks
  • Flanks
  • Damage
  • Support

There are a lot of heroes to choose from in these different categories and you will surely enjoy trying out the different heroes on the game! All in all, you can choose from 42 different heroes!

Not only that, Paladins features one of the best hero customization on a shooter game that I've seen. You can edit your heroes battle stats by arranging their loadouts!

In the loadout tabs, the players can choose from different cards that will help their characters based on what they want. These cards vary from hero to hero. You want health? There are cards for that. Want more damage? Sure there are cards for that! There are a lot of combinations that each heroes can choose from based on what kind of playstyle you want to do!

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The customization of heroes doesn't end there. Of course you can also change their appearance, their weapons and stuff among other things! Cosmetics are prevalent in Paladins and you can buy some of them for the in-game currency!

There are also a lot of game modes you can play in this game. There are three modes in this game: Siege, Team Deathmatch and Onslaught.


The classic Paladins game mode. Face off against the enemy team to secure a Capture Point, then push the Payload towards your opponent’s base. If your enemies capture the point, rally your defenses and earn a point for holding them back. Once you feel confident in your performance, queue Competitive Siege and climb the ranks to become a Champion in your own right!

Team Deathmatch

Unbridled team vs. team combat at its best. Assemble a squad of your favorite Champions and frag your enemies. The first team to 40 kills wins. It’s Team Deathmatch, Paladins style.


Two teams. One Control Point. Capture and hold the center point in King of the Hill-style gameplay with a Paladins twist. Slay your enemies to keep them off the point and earn 5 tickets for your team. Plus, get 1 ticket per second your team controls the point. The first team to 400 tickets wins.

The game is 100% free to play and is available to be downloaded on steam! But the game is also available on different platforms like PS4! So if you are wanting to play a hero based shooter for a long time now. Try playing this game and I'm sure you'll have lots of fun!