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Dec 21, 2015
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Yet again, another post that does not have a dedicated sub-form to post on.....

This game was released on January 1, 2015 and best to check out.

Here's my short review of this game

Link of the game:

Try the game out here if you want and its totally FREE to paly.

Imagine playing a one of the minions who's trying to stop an aggressive plumber individual from invading your kingdom.
This plumber has incredible speed and agility leaving you with limited abilities depending on what minion/s you're controlling at the given level.

This game seems to give a parody of that one game tat we all know and to make us play on the opposite side of the coin and how it's tough to stop such plumber like this one.

So it's about him versus your wit and precise timing to stop this bearded menace so off you go!


It's colorful
It's incredibly easy to play but a bit tougher to master especially when you're trying to break the record.
Great music
Easy controls and best played with a gamepad
The game is very light and just about the right size and price
It can be a quick time wasting game if you so wish to do so


Some small bugs but not game breaking