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Dec 21, 2015
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My review on steam page

So I bought this game in a bundle and ended up loving it.

The mission is simple:
  1. Pick a character/class within a class.
  2. Get in dungeons and kill as many enemies as you can to gain Exp. points
  3. Pick loots and monies plus possible companions as you go
  4. Face the guardian as soon as you clear the floor.
  5. Face the boss the repeat the process to the next floor.
All that will only take you less than 5 minutes which is awesome.

There are four type of classes and within them are sub-classes in which you can unlock with monies you've earned from every run. So that means whenever you get killed, everything will be gone except the money you earned. You can then spend them on two things, unlock new sub-classes or level up individual sub-classes.

The cycle is simple but addicting. The combat is intense like a bullet-hell style so some may get distracted on the shiny effects so be careful guys. But I don't have any personal issues with it since I've already played games like Beat Hazard.

Some classes have different combat styles and not everyone appeals to certain players. Some do damages on close range and some are from afar. They also have different speed of mobility so in the end, each has their own strength and weaknesses.

Don't worry about having issues with certain classes in the game. You can earn gold to unlock another until you find the right one for you.

  • The game is short and fun so it's a perfect game to pass some few minutes
  • Looting is leveling up is addicting
  • Gamepad support and plays perfectly well
  • You will die a lot (well you have to but this isn't Souls game lol) and you need to until you get gradually well
  • One of those games that I can talk/voice chat with someone while playing so it doesn't really need too much concentration

  • Particle effects can sometimes confuse or distract the player's concentration while in intense combat
  • Screen shot is disabled for some weird reason (if someone can correct/help me please do)