Gameloft's Dungeon Hunter Franchise Global Mobile License has been obtained by GOAT Games

The next mobile installment of Gameloft's renowned Dungeon Hunter franchise, due out by the end of 2023, will be developed and published by leading mobile game development and publishing business GOAT Games.


The upcoming Dungeon Hunter game will adhere to the core principles that have made the genre so popular for almost 14 years: killing a ton of foes, completing objectives with a combination of cunning and skill, and earning gobs of riches all while restoring peace to the realm. Based on those fundamental elements, the enhanced visuals that can give breathtaking battle scenes, special effects, and in-game actions will help players experience next level immersion. In addition to fighting with buddies in co-op arenas or turning on those same "friends" to demonstrate their combat prowess in action-packed PVP modes, players will be able to tailor and construct the appropriate equipment for the job. Soon after debut, new features will be added to enhance the Dungeon Hunter experience and provide players with lots of surprises.

"Today is a day millions of Dungeon Hunter fans – myself included – have been dreaming about shortly after the release of Dungeon Hunter 5 back in 2015. We are driven to create a game that not only caters to Dungeon Hunter fans, but also offers a unique action RPG experience that will keep players engaged and excited for years to come," says Machine Ma, VP of GOAT Games.


Chief Sales Officer at Gameloft Guilherme Lachaut stated that "Dungeon Hunter is one of our longest-running series and we're thrilled to be working with GOAT Games to create the next mainline game. With an already impressive stable of games like Dragon Storm Fantasy, we're confident they will be able to produce a Dungeon Hunter experience that fans of the series are going to love."


After its initial release in October 2009, the Dungeon Hunter series quickly rose to prominence on mobile, amassing more than 120 million downloads globally. Players have been coming back to this venerable franchise for many years because of the captivating gameplay, captivating plot, and amazing graphics that are all wrapped up in a dark fantasy world.