Gameplay footage of Codename Dawn Break fighting game spin-off of Honor of Kings revealed

Gameplay footage of the fighting game Codename Dawn Break, spin-off of Honor of Kings, has been released, intercut with commentary from players.

honor of kings.png

The title Codename Dawn Break has been circulating online for sometime now with a concept art of the game revealed back in 20202. With this footage released, we can see now how the game actually works which is kind of similar to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bro series with how its visuals, mechanics, and stage layout looks but with Honor of Kings characters instead. The game is apparently slated for a global release on various platforms, however, there’s no announcement yet for its release date.

Just like what Tencent did when it branched out with Honor of Kings World as Arena of Valor, let’s see if the game’s global release will also need a dub name change. With the information provided by the footage as well, we can now safely assume that the game will be launched for mobile devices. Add to that, it appears to have a better netcode as well.

But with the gameplay footage as the only basis for the game it's best that for now, let’s stay tuned for further updates.