Games Similar to Animal Crossing Vibe PC 


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Aug 14, 2018
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With the recent release of Animal Crossing, the social simulation game is gaining popularity again in the mainstream. People are raving about the gaming experience that game offers and a lot of people are buying just to get into a digital routine, especially in times like this when social distancing is needed. The only problem is that the price point as well the exclusive console release might be a bit of a hurdle to those who do not have a Switch or the cash to get it.

Here's a list of games that encapsulates the social simulation game essence and will guarantee a similar experience, and dare I say, a unique experience compared to Animal Crossing. Let's get the list started!

Stardew Valley

The closest game that has similar vibes with Animal Crossing, but presented in a charming pixel graphics, StarDew Valley is one of the social simulation games that has perfected the craft over the years. Stardew Valley follows the adventure of a young man who has inherited his grandfather's dilapidated farm and decides to build it up. He leaves his cushy city lifestyle and his job to escape the rat race to pursue something more meaningful in life. The general vibe of StarDew Valley is something a lot of us corporate slaves can relate to, and playing this game, trying to grow crops and increasing the variety of substances that you can produce on your farm slowly is a peaceful and relaxing exercise. Stardew Valley also features a recently added multiplayer mode, so you can play with your friends and family.


Another game that you should try if you're looking for freedom in-game is Minecraft. Starting from scratch with no tools or shelter, you fumble your way in this world and slowly connect the dots in making new stuff. You can The game does pose some challenges where you defend yourself against various creatures that come out in the night. Play with friends or solo, and enjoy your time building your own world or perhaps mimic a well-known fantasy world. Build your own Mines of Moria, or perhaps one of the infamous castles from the hit series, Game of Thrones. The only limit is your imagination when playing Minecraft.

My Time at Portia

My Time at Portia is another entry that features a town/social sim that is similar to Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing in essence. Though set in a post-apocalypse, the game features a somewhat peaceful landscape that you can work on to rebuild the town. The game differs from a normal social simulation is close to an RPG instead of a simulation game. You face monsters, craft tools to fulfill objectives for your fellow townspeople. You can also undertake quests and upgrade weapons. My Time at Portia is a blend of social simulation and RPG, where it gives you a perfect balance that would help to keep the gameplay fresh.


If you're a sucker for digging for rare material so that you make obscenely finer things, then this game is definitely for you. Enjoy the 2D pixel game graphics which is going to be less of a strain for your platform system where you can enjoy hours of gameplay solo or multiplayer (recommended!). Although it features somewhat of a simple graphical format, Terraria has stunning moments that shine in the form of bright light displays, which gives another layer of depth to the game. Fight zombies, dig your base, upgrade weapons, make fancy-looking items, and most importantly, have fun!


The only odd game on this list whereby you're not working on a farm of a town, but instead, you're in space! You're in space in an alien planet where you can mine special material and build stuff. Build your bio-sphere to survive the harsh conditions of the planet and make funky new space-themed tools as you slowly expand your base. Play with friends and have loads of fun in exploring new planets and terrain while building up a base together.

Video games come in various forms, and one of the form that most of us working adults can relate to (even children), are those who give you a moment of peace in this bustling world. As the world is going through a pandemic currently, everyone suddenly has a lot of time in their hands. So why not delve into video games and start destressing, as well as reconnecting with friends as you play together? At times like this, it's important to remember the reason why we're staying home and to keep our psyche healthy by communicating with others. And what better way to do it than video games? Check these games out! What games that puts your mind in a state of calm and focus?