Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RCHood95, May 26, 2016.

  1. RCHood95

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    Im just curious but has anyone heere in the community heard of GameWisp? It's pretty much like owning a subscriber button without being partnered on Twitch. Do you guys know any streamer that uses, whether they are in this community or not, and what are some benefits of using it? Do you think small channels should wait until they want to add it to their channel, because I'm considering it, but it seems too sudden?
  2. xero

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    saw this before pero havent really tested it, from the way i understand it your viewers should watch on gamewisp website instead this might confuse current viewers dividing them.
  3. RCHood95

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    Gamewisp isn't like Twitch where you can stream but it allows u to have a sub button, even though ur not partnered. I think even Twitch Partners may use this feature.
  4. ramleague

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    how does this work? instead of sa twitch ung subs they have to go to gamewisp website?
  5. RCHood95

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    For Twitch, you have to reach a certain criteria

    But for gamewisp, even those not partnered can receive sub button. For instance, I checked over at SwaggerLeeTV (I believe he's here too on PinoyGamer) and he has a sub button via Gamewisp. The interesting part of Gamewisp is that you can give benefits to your viewers that want to subscribe, such as giving them song requests options or adding them to their friend list. Additionally, GameWisp allow you to add tiers for your subscribers for better rewards. Not only that, but be able to adjust the sub price. Another streamer that I follow, PaTHugZ (also Filipino) has his own sub button and to be a sub, you just need to pay 4.20. It's an interesting way for non-partnered streamers to have sub button and work hard until they become Twitch Partnered.
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