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Jan 11, 2016
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I will recommend a good and fun mobile games for people with dementia (Children also recommend a fun big hit game on mobile a brain development game)

Everyone worried about one thing specially older people and that is... Dementia

I grow older, I do not remember well
So it takes a while to know if it is whether Dementia or not.
Scary pathogenesis of dementia that usually takes within 10 years and die.
It maybe scarier than The Sickness Unto Death
Destructive as than a disease even greater damage for the family living
If you acquire dementia you can lose everything.
Dementia is so terrible, that it doesn't have any therapeutic agent and can only be prevented.

Today introduced from prominent international medical sites
Teach 9 how to look at dementia

<9 kinds of dementia prevention>
1. Eating fish with natural omega-3.
2. Enjoy coffee and antioxidants - coffee can reduce the onset of dementia to 65%.
3. Sunlight or sunshine is said to prevent aging factors because of vitamin D.
4. Right flu injection.
5. Reduce your sugar Ingestion ~ eat sweetened increased insulin resistance increases the dementia.
6. Be sociable.
7. Meditate. it is helps circulate the blood to your brains. 8. Complete sleep - sleep, sleep got to take a complete sleep to help secreting melatonin
It delays the aging of the brain.
9. Enjoy the Mobile game like a brain game

Brain Games can greatly reduced risk of dementia's brain stimulation

What is the game that can stimulate the brain, if you ask a recommendation from a friend doctor, he will immediately recommend you this game.

Everyone in their 30-40 knows a pipe connecting game, right?
One of the classic game that test brain level

The memories of the brain game that had stimulated the gamers greed, has came out because of the new fun mobile games this year.

This fun Mobile Game, dementia with brain games are perfect

Fun and addictive mobile game Jolipipe!

We are all good dementia brain development in children great fun mobile games, let’s download Jolipipe.

Fun Mobile Games, Download Jolipipes✔

Good Brain Games for dementia prevention, Jolipipe✔ Download

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