Gaming equipment company Tulpar is set to launch a gaming handheld with Intel Core Ultra

Tulpar, a gaming equipment manufacturer based in the United Kingdom, will debut its latest innovation, a gaming handheld, at the IEM 2024 tournament in Katowice, Poland. This company focuses on gaming accessories such as computers, keyboards, headsets, and displays. The organization appears to be about to enter a new market niche, as shown and demonstrated to guests. People had the opportunity to use the handheld and even play some games.


The Tulpar gaming handheld has an 8-inch screen and a typical configuration, including two joysticks, a D-pad, buttons, and triggers. However, closer analysis reveals that the design closely recalls a handheld that debuted months ago. Emdoor, an organization recognized for its work on an 8-inch touchscreen handheld with an Intel Meteor Lake-H processor and LPDDR5X memory, appears to be the origins of this design. There were no other specifications verified at the time, as Intel had not yet announced the new Core Ultra series.

Tulpar's usage of the Emdoor OEM design for its handheld clearly indicates that this isn't a totally original product and was not designed solely by Tulpar. However, this discovery opens the door for other companies to follow suit, maybe adopting the Emdoor design for handhelds and adding their own trademarks.


In a similar development, Intel has discontinued financing for the NUC (Next Unit of Computing) group, which focuses on compact form factor PCs. Despite this, Intel has a history of developing reference products like the NUC Laptop Kits. A reference handheld design may have benefited the Intel ecosystem significantly, potentially creating interest from a variety of enterprises in this burgeoning sector.


Intel's teaser does not reveal any additional information about device availability or pricing.