Garena AoV Lag Fix? RoS NonCheaters Banned? PUBG Mobile Update, Dauntless Open Beta and more.


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Let's talk about the Garena AoV Lag, High Ping, and Server Disconnection, Rules of Survival Device Ban noncheaters? PUBG Mobile Update, Dauntless Worldwide Open Beta, PUBG eSports, League of Legends Garen and Mundo Buff.

PUBG Mobile

  • For our PUBG Mobile news and updates
  • a few days ago PUBG mobile receives a huge update for the games performance, weapons, models, vehicles and a bunch or optimizations
  • The PUBG mobile update also adds a training mode into the game to allow players to allow players to experiences weapons and items.
  • Training mode is also a solo mode so the players can improve their skills and get a better grasp of the game.
  • This is one of the much-requested features for the PC version
  • The second biggest addition is the arcade mode, this mode features a randomized custom game rules
  • each game in the arcade mode will have a distinct rule, weapons spawn and smaller lobby of 28 players
  • Here are also some minor updates that improve the game overall
    • Players will now be able to boost on their cars to pick up speed
    • motorcycles can now do flips
    • if you notice these changes are already on pc and Xbox version so it's a good thing they are being added to the mobile version
    • Players will also notice a significant improvement on the game's interface
    • Several bugs and glitch fixes are also applied like the fix for them in the game voice that stops working after creating groups
    • and finally a bunch of new items for the in-game store
  • so what do you think of this updates are you still noticing some bugs let us know in the comments

Rules of Survival

  • Recently the Rules of Survival team started to ban devices of suspected cheaters
  • because of the hardware ban users who claim that aren't cheating on the game are also banned from playing the game
  • So if you are using a device that previously or still using a mod, hack or cheat we suggest not to use it anymore or there is a risk of getting banned even if you don't use cheats
  • this is a problem for computer shop owners in the Philippines (insert something)
  • On their forum post, it's stated that you can report websites and organizations that advertise cheats and for those who got you can also appeal on their website
  • Base from their announcements
    • last April 13 to April 19 549k cheaters banned
    • on April 6 to April 12 707k cheaters are banned
    • and March 29 to April 3 they have banned 449k members
  • and many more we can safely say they have banned over 1M survivors (baka nga mahigh 2m na)
  • however, it seems cheaters are also fast on creating the new account and updating hacks
  • hopefully, NetEase Rules of Survival team can fix this before it's too late as it might become another crossfire
  • So for those who got banned even if you didn't use mods or cheats did you manage to get your accounts back? let us know in the comments
Garena AoV Lag Fix?

  • In the past few days, we noticed in our Arena of Valor community that a majority of players are complaining about server disconnection, lag, very high ping and some even suggesting its a drophack or d-dos
  • These issues are leading to matches getting dropped and players becoming afk
  • The increase of complaints started after AoV’s recent big update which introduced new features
  • One of the main lag and server disconnections issues we noticed is due to higher bandwidth compared from the previous version
  • so here is our speculation on why the game is having lag, high ping and server disconnection
  • First is ISP if you have a weak signal in your area if you are using data this will lead to higher pings causing lag and server disconnection
  • for wifi users make sure you have a stable connection
  • Second is Garena’s AoV servers are at full capacity it means that the server resources are always being used especially on bandwidth side so it cant serve up more connection
  • This is due with the amount of client to server request on a daily basis
  • If this is the case will just have to wait for the server to increase or get optimized for better scaling
  • and Lastly again with Garena’s AoV servers is maybe they're just so many new users that the servers can't just keep up
  • Here is one of the solutions that helps some our players
  • just go the settings and disable voice
  • because voice chat is actually eating more data, so if you are on mobile data you will notice higher data usage compared previously
  • take note this is not a permanent solution but it seems to be in correspondence with high bandwidth usage
  • Some users are also suggesting that this might be drop hack or d-dos but this is only possible if AoV is using p2p connection or someone obtained your IP address
  • This can be fixed simply changing your IP by resetting modem or data connected
  • Hopefully, this gets sorted out soon

  • PUBG’s major esports tournament will be held in Berlin Germany on July 25-29 with a prize pool of 2m USD or more than 100m php (insert reaction)
  • 20 teams will fight against each other
  • The event is hosted by PUBG Corp themselves
  • Teams can qualify by participating in regional tournaments that will be hosted in North America, Europe, and Asia
  • each PUBG tournament will have third person and first person perspective
  • This isn't the first PUBG tournament held by PUBG corp the previous one called the PGI or Playerunknown's Battleground Invitational with a 350k USD prize pool which also took place in Berlin last year
  • with participants like cloud9, team liquid, team solomid, luminosity gaming and more
  • are you excited? let us know in the comments

  • The upcoming co-op online action RPG “Dauntless” will be released into open beta worldwide on May 24
  • Phoenix Labs the studio behind dauntless is also adding additional dedicated servers around the world like Brazil, India, Singapore, Japan and Taiwan alongside with US, Europe, and Australia servers
  • To those who don't know, Dauntless is a co-op RPG wherein you battle behemoths, crafts powerful weapons which is almost similar to monster hunter
  • The open beta will include an in-game store for cosmetic and vanity items
  • Phoenix labs also ensured that there are no paywalls or pay to win mechanics and no paid loot boxes
  • Dauntless is currently in closed beta if you can't wait for the game you can purchase the founder's pack
League of Legends

  • Huge Garen and Mundo buffs are coming based on the latest PBE updates
  • take note that PBE updates are not final and subject to change
  • First, let's take about Garens Buff
    • Garens “Q” is getting a damage buff on the late game because at his max rank the ability will now deal 40 more base damage
    • The Courage skill is getting 85 percent boost compared to the previous 65 percent damage reduction and tenacity
    • This means that he is tankier than before
  • Second Mundo’s buff
    • His ultimate “Sadism” will now be 50 to 100 percent health regeneration which was before 40 to 60 percent
    • This means that at max rank he will regenerate his entire health
    • even if you apply grievous wounds his ult will still regenerate a lot of hp
  • This patches are expected to arrive on patch 8.9
  • What do you think of this upcoming buffs do you think Mundo will come back at the Meta?