Garena AoV launching Superman in the Valiant Server

Superman Takes Flight in Arena of Valor, Garena AOV is pleased to announce that we are launching Superman in the Valiant Server (Malaysia, Singapore, and Philippines). The Man of Steel will save the day on April 13, 2018

Key Points
  • Garena AOV releases third DC Character in Valiant Server (Singapore, Philippines & Malaysia)
  • Acquire Superman hero during release via two methods
  • Superman has twice as many abilities as other heroes making him a top tier pick among
  • professional AOV players worldwide
[12 April, Manila] Garena announced the release of Superman, the third DC Comics character to join Arena of Valor’s Valiant Server which consists Singapore, Philippines, and Malaysia. The Man of Steel will be available to players starting April 13, 2018.

Players can get Superman in two easy ways: the Superman Bundle which is inclusive of Superman hero and Justice Lord skin for only 820 vouchers. Additionally, Superman may be redeemed through a special chest obtained by playing AOV and collecting Superman Sigils from the 9 - 16 April.

As a Warrior, Superman is a stance character who can switch between a normal and flight stance, giving him added complexity. His passive (Flight) provides movement speed and he takes flight once the energy is fully charged. On top of this, Superman’s abilities change dramatically depending on which stance he’s in. Superman’s first ability, Kryptonian Strength, slows enemy’s movements in walking mode while in flight mode, the same skill deals additional damage to enemies. Although, the second ability, Man of Steel, frees him from enemy control effects in both modes, he deals additional damage in Flight mode. Finally, the ultimate ability, deals additional damage in Flight mode, essentially giving him a grand total of 6 abilities - double the usual amount.

The additional abilities is what makes Superman a top-tier pick for many professional players as they can easily pick-off targets that are low on health. The Man of Steel does not only boast immense power, but also allows players to display their skill for everyone to see. Players can expect to see their results improve the more practice they have with this hero.

Garena AOV can be downloaded through the Google App Store (here) for Android users as well as through the Apple App Store (here) for iOS users.

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