Garena Call of Duty Mobile, Anthology of Fear, Project REsistance and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about the Garena Call of Duty Mobile upcoming closed beta, Final Fantasy 7 Remake new revealed info from TGS, War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, upcoming survival horror game Anthology of Fear, Asymmetrical survival game set in Resident Evil called project resistance, then finally more details for the Monster Ranchers Mobile port.

Garena Call of Duty M

  • After the official pre registration for the Call of Duty Mobile
  • now its has been announced that there will be a closed beta coming
  • unfortunately there is no exact date pero according to Garena its coming soon
  • so if you are interested, there is a simple requirement
  • so what's this requirement?
  • well you just need to complete a short application form to be in the exclusive beta
  • unfortunately only a set of randomly selected players will be able to join, additionally participating players account will get refreshed on the release date
  • so if you are still eager to join there is a link on our official website
  • and to those who have no idea what the game or franchise is about
  • well call of duty is a very popular fps for consoles and pc
  • the mobile version is developed by Tencent which recently partnered with Garena to publish for the SEA users
  • the game will feature high quality graphics so make sure your device is compatible
  • then there will be multiple game modes there is actually even battle royale
  • so if you are sick of rules of survival you can try this out
  • currently the game has already amassed a total of 80,000 pre registration
  • so all those users will receive milte stone rewards
  • just check them out if you are interested

Final Fantasy VII Remake

  • Recently during the TGS 2019 new gameplay of Final Fantasy 7 remake footage has been shown
  • during this trailer first look for the Turks agents Reno, Rude, and Tsend were shown
  • to those who don't know who this are
  • well basically they are the operatives of the shinra corporation
  • aside from this summons like Ifrit and Shiva were revealed
  • there are also mini games and even a new character called don corneo revealed
  • so if you are interested in Final Fantasy 7 Remake is expected to release this March 2020 for the PS4

War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

  • speaking of Final Fantasy
  • a new trailer was also showcased for the War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius during the annual gaming event TGS 2019
  • so what's new?
  • well now even though the game hasn't been released yet there is already un upcoming collaboration with Final Fantasy XIV
  • so now characters like Thancred, Milanda, Luasa, Yuni, Shadow and Gugas are joining in
  • if you are interested, the game will release in mobile
  • the gameplay is very similar to games like Fire Emblem heroes or even Langrisser
  • - unfortunately, there is no release date yet for the game

Anthology of Fear

  • A new psychological horror game called Anthology of Fear has been announced for PC and Switch
  • the game will be published by Ultimate games and developed by RG Crew
  • the game style will be first person with 3 unique stories
  • note that this 3 stories are all stand alone and plots unrelated to each other
  • each story will also showcase different game styles
  • so if you are interested in the game currently there is no exact release date but it will be released on the 1st quarter 2020

MASS Builder

  • If you like Mecha games good news because the steam early access for MASS Builder has been released
  • the game first appeared on steam last september 13
  • to those who don't know what mass builder is about its an action RPG with players piloting the Mechanical Assault Skeleton Suit or MASS
  • the game will also feature an in depth customization from parts to aesthetic
  • so basically you are building your mech
  • actually we have a gameplay demo in our youtube channel so you can check that out

Project Resistance

  • A couple weeks ago capcom teased their new game Project Resistance
  • but now we have more details
  • first the game is set to launch on PS4, Xbox and Steam for Windows PC
  • the game is 1 vs 4 asymetrical online survival horror
  • if you don't know what this means well its basically like dead by daylight
  • however this time the game is set in the world of Resident Evil
  • so similar with other asymmetrical survival games each round will have an allocated time to escape while one player hunts them
  • unfortunately capcom has not announced the release date but a closed beta is scheduled on October 4 to 7

Monster Rancher Port

  • A few days ago we reported that there will be a monster rancher port for Mobile and nintendo switch
  • well this time there is now an official trailer which was revealed during the recent Tokyo Game Show 2019
  • and from what we see compared to the original ps1 version the graphics are more enhanced
  • if you are interested in the game will be released for Switch, Android and IOS this 2019
  • however its only for Japan
  • in the App store the release date is set to November 28 thought this was not yet officially announced