Garena has Acquired Phoenix Labs, Dauntless' developer

It seems that Garena will be having a strong start in the year as they acquire Dauntless' developer, Phoenix Labs. This Vancouver-based company has made a strong impression in their action RPG game Dauntless and has made waves enough for Garena to look further and acquire them. But for the players that are worried that Dauntless might shut down with this development should be put to ease as it will not happen anytime sooner.

According to Phoenix Labs' CEO Jesse Houston, Dauntless will remain devoted to its player base as the acquisition of the studios make the developer team that handles the Dauntless focuses on it only now that their company has been bought by Garena. However, they are also free to make other games as Garena will help them in growing even further, also it makes the company access more markets other than the ones they are familiar with. Houston said that Garena has a huge grasp in Southeast Asia and South America, something that Phoenix Labs want to expand their market, with Garena owning the company, the games of Phoenix Labs will be known in that area thanks to Garena's influence.

Phoenix Labs also want to try out the mobile market industry which Houston said is a frontier that they would want to cross. With the a lot of people acquiring new smart phones day by day and it becoming more technologically advanced, people should know that this is a good market, business wise. It also ramps up their target market increasing potential sales by trying their waters in the mobile market.

It is unsure if they plan to bring Dauntless in mobile but if they do and somehow make it work, it will create a huge ripple of interest as the game is very intuitive and has great gameplay features that for sure the mobile gamers would love to try out. Dauntless is a fantastic game in the PC and its respective consoles already so if you are curious about it why not give it a shot.