Garena Issues, Wishing for New Management? Disgruntled League of Legends Player wishes for Riot to take over LOL PH

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League of Legends has grown to be a big name in the gaming industry. From esports to casual gaming, it is one of the most remarkable games in other players as it provides the classic fun and the chilling wins that you can experience and leave you having a good time. Save for the time where you have toxic teammates and annoying losses, it provides a full-on fun with friends and buddies that will definitely leave you memories of a good time. But of course, a game is as good if only the management manages to make it right, if they don't then that's a big problem...


Yesterday, the Garena client that is responsible for playing League of Legends in the Philippines had an outage and caused a lot of players to have problems in the game and cannot play their matches. Although it has been fixed now, the outrage of the community has reached a fever pitch earlier, beginning to request that Riot Games take over the Philippines' League of Legend servers and leave out Garena because of the problems it has caused.

Garena a.png

Don't forget that they were caught redhanded once using a bitcoin miner last 2 years that has caused the annoyance of the community because it would degrade their PCs as bitcoin mining applications usually have heavy CPU usage which would put the computer's work to overdrive and damaging the system. According to this old Reddit post, , his anti-malware device found the bitcoin miner which has caused the players to look for Garena. However, Garena already apologized to the matter with this statement:

Garena b.png

Still, this does not excuse that there are bitcoin miners that are placed secretly in the game, it does not have a purpose whatsoever in the game therefore should not be there. With other issues being reported at that time

Garena c.png

It was only a matter of time before it erupts again...

Garena d.png

Garena e.png

And it did, people are complaining left and right about how Garena manages the game and wishes that Riot Games would be the one managing the game again. And it is possible now. It was not possible back then as they only manage League games from Oceania, Europe, and the Americas, but this time with the launch of Valorant and the future release of Wild Rift, they have expanded their coverage so the request is more viable than before.

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But will it happen or will it fall to deaf ears? We cannot say for sure, one thing we know is that Garena should avoid those incidents again and if it happens too much maybe new management should handle it? The original ones? Tell us in the comments below what is your take regarding this issue.