Garena Launches First Crossover Hero between Two Major Titles

Guild of Guardians
Elsu, the soaring falcon, will be released in both Arena of Valor (AOV) and Contra: Return on the 20th of October

Key Points:
  • First crossover hero between AOV and Contra: Return which will debut in both games on the 20th of October
  • This ranged meta hero will be available in AOV and Contra: Return in Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia
  • Both AOV and Contra: Return are co-developed by Tencent and published in Southeast Asia by Garena
  • Stand a chance to win Elsu hero, Elsu’s skin or a Razer Phone 2 in the Elsu’s Lucky Draw Campaign
[19 October 2018, Manila] Two leading Garena titles, Garena AOV and Garena Contra: Return will be releasing the first ever crossover hero between two major games on the 20th of October. The hero, Elsu, has been launched in Thailand’s AOV server, and will be launched on the 20th in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, and Indonesia servers concurrently. This highly sought-after marksman is a favorite of many professional players because of his long range and high damage output. Players with great positioning skills will enjoy playing with this hero in the battlefield.

In conjunction with Elsu’s release, AOV and Contra: Return will be hosting a joint event that will be open to the communities of both games. The Elsu Lucky Draw Campaign will give players a chance to win a permanent Elsu hero in Contra: Return, Elsu’s limited Executioner skin in AOV, or a brand new Razer Phone 2.

Players will be able to enter the Elsu Lucky Draw Challenge in-game via either Contra: Return or AOV. Players are required to log in to both games daily to secure an opportunity to spin the roulette wheel. For more details of Elsu’s Lucky Draw Challenge, please click here. Both AOV and Contra: Return are published by Garena and co-developed by Tencent. AOV was recently selected by Google Play in Europe as the "Best Competitive Game of 2017".