Garena PH Closing, Ragnarok M Eternal Love OBT, PLDT and Smart Internet Problem and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about Garena Philippines shutting down, PLDT and Smart internet problem outage, Ragnarok M Eternal Love open beta schedule, Epic Games cheater lawsuit, Discord Store, PUBG Halloween event, and Ember Sword Bitcoin MMO.

PLDT / Smart Internet Problem
  • Did you notice a slow internet while browsing or lag issues when playing games?
  • Well apparently a few days ago PLDT and Smart users are affected by an outage
  • Not only internet was affected but also sms and voice calls according to a post by PLDT themselves
  • So why the problem?
  • Well apparently this is due to a break on optic links caused by DPWH road construction
  • Base from the statement users in North and Central Luzon are affected
  • as for the fix?
  • PLDT and Smart public advisory said they are working on the affected areas as soon as possible

Ragnarok M Eternal Love OBT
  • The Ragnarok M Eternal Love Close Beta has started last October 20
  • and since this is a close beta not all players will be able to play
  • Currently, only 50k players will be able to play
  • as for the close beta accounts created it is currently unknown if there will be a server wipe when the beta ends but based on the China CBT this is most likely to be the case
  • Also note that so far there are over 1 million pre-registration meaning all pre-registered users will get the limited headwear, which is now ironically no longer limited
  • and finally, the Ragnarok M Eternal Love Open beta has been announced to start on October 31 2018

Epic Cheater Lawsuit
  • To those who don't know Epic games takes cheating very seriously
  • why?
  • because recently epic games sued a Fortnite YouTuber creator for allegedly injecting unauthorized cheat software into Fortnite’s code which provides him an unfair advantage against opponent’s
  • Also mentioned in the lawsuit is that this YouTubers are also uploading videos that demonstrate hacks which encourages players to do the same
  • then recently the youtuber admitted openly that he is, in fact, using an aimbot tool to kill other players
  • So what's the message here?
  • basically don't cheat unless you want to get sued by epic games

Discord Netflix for Games
  • Recently launched its Discord store on beta for all regions which includes free games for Nitro Users
  • According to an interview with Discord, “its kind like a netflix for games”
  • and that the store is set to provide users endless set of games
  • Currently the games are mostly indie games hopefully we can see triple a games in the future either way this is good for Nitro users
  • For those who are interested the Nitro is available for 4.99 usd a month

PUBG Halloween Event

  • PUBG Corp showed a footage for the Upcoming Halloween event
  • In the video, they showed a silent hill like nurse, a pumpkin mask and a peni wise like clown outfit
  • nice more skins to buy instead of them fixing the game
  • because of if you remember there was server issue a few days ago where in blue hole had to give a limited time free item and 20k bp
  • so if you haven't claimed these items its available until October 23
  • To those who don't know this is actually PUBG’s first Halloween event sadly there aren't details for the event for now
  • but hopefully, we get a new game mode not just skins

Spiderman Game DLC
  • To Spiderman players out there, the video game will have its first dlc in the upcoming days
  • The Spiderman DLC’s will add new stories to the game and the first chapter will be called The Heist and The City That Never Sleeps
  • which will showcase Black Cat, one of the female classic characters known as Felicia Hardy
  • Along with the content update, Insomniac games will also include 3 additional Spidey suits
  • Insomniac Games also mentioned that the new game plus or new ultimate difficulty will be included in the update but more on a later date
  • So to those who don't know Spiderman is a PS4 exclusive game which launched last September 7 with great reviews

Ember Sword Bitcoin MMO

  • Do you like MMORPG games and Bitcoin?
  • Well Ember Sword might be a game for you
  • why?
  • Because Ember Sword is a modern free to play MMORPG which is powered by Ethereum blockchain where players can own, build, and monetize lands
  • The game will not have loot boxes or cosmetic shops, instead, you earn cosmetics directly from playing the game by competing in PVP or completing a PVE objective
  • Items earned can be traded with other players for the premium currency called Pixel Tokens which is the Bitcoin currency
  • So basically the game has its own economy
  • Currently, Ember Sword does not have an official release date but it will be coming out on PC

Garena PH Shuts Down

  • In the recent days “Da Geeks” broke the news about Garena Philippines shutting down its operations
  • According to their reports “Garena SG HQ has abruptly closed the Philippine office of the Game publisher effectively cutting off 95% of its current Philippine workforce.”
  • and currently, they were also informed that the only remaining Garena PH team left are the finance team which will probably there to give severance package to its previous employees
  • If you remember Garena PH is not without controversies, for example, the League of Legends client was hijacked to have a crypto mining script which results on higher CPU usage
  • then if you remember this they were also hit with gender discrimination for limiting lesbian, gay or transgender to join one team
  • hay grabe
  • So why was it closed?
  • Well we think its about money
  • if the branch is not earning enough profit then there is no point operating it
  • so in short pera pera lang yan
  • another reason which majority of local publications are citing to is the aforementioned crypto mining script that hijacked LoL PH clients.
  • but now let's talk about what will happen now that Garena PH shuts down?
  • First of we believe that the most affected are events specifically local tournaments
  • because if you don't know Garena actually provides sponsorship for local events like AoV tournaments in the country
  • So with the change on its management, smaller tournaments might be ignored in favor of bigger tournaments
  • Another thing the a lot of people ask is how will this affect the games Garena PH is handling like League of Legends or Arena of Valor
  • Will my account be deleted? what will happen to matchmake?
  • Well we believe that they won't get affected
  • why?
  • because the headquarters for the SEA servers are in Singapore to begin with
  • which is ideal since the majority of gaming companies host their servers in Singapore anyway
  • So don't expect a change on matchmaking or your account getting removed