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Discussion in 'LoL PH - League of Legends' started by Syndicate, Oct 17, 2018.

  1. Syndicate

    Syndicate Elite Gamer

    From DaGeeks, Confirmed: Garena Lays off Majority of It’s PH Employees


    Currently, I was informed that the only remaining Garena PH team left is the finance team so this puts to question the operations side of their games. It may be that the SG team is currently handling the load left by the closure and there has been no word yet on the future of the company here in the Philippines or of their games.

    I’ll update this post as I try to find out more.
  2. xero

    xero Paradox Personified

    Before you go crazy or something here are some of my thoughts about this news

    Why did Garena PH shut down?
    In my opinion, it all boils down to one thing, Money, it means Garena PH is not making a profit even with the release of AoV so in a financial viewpoint shutting down the Philippines office is reasonable decisions.

    Another reason may have been the most recent debacle, in which League of Legends Client was infected by a crypto mining script that resulted on higher CPU usage on affected users.

    Will LoL be removed in the Philippines?
    God No, its still one of the most popular game in the country, League of Legends is here to stay. Also, bear in mind Garena did not create League, Riot Games made it and Tencent is a majority owner of Riot Games so in short Garena is just a licensing publisher to aid penetrate the market.

    For me it would actually be better if we dont have Publishers like Garena, why? this means we will get updates directly from Riot Games for League of Legends, minimal region lock if Arena of Valor is published directly by Tencent imagine getting the same update from the parent company.

    What will happen to my LoL account?
    Nothing, data centers are usually situated overseas like Singapore so based from the news that Singapore office is now handling the situation your Garena accounts will remain as it is.

    Proof? here is the location of the Garena Servers for SEA

    So what will change?
    Most likely change will be the events, since Garena has close ties with gaming event coordinators in Philippines its unknown how or who will be the contact meaning some LoL or AoV related events could get affected

    Is this a good or bad thing?
    For me its very good, did you know that you cannot access lol account information in Philippines because of the lack of api support? if we merge with Garenas other SEA data centers we might get access to this stats meaning ranking factors are now SEA based.

    Video Coverage:

    here are some of my thoughts and opinions feel free to add yours in the comment
  3. PusaChen

    PusaChen Newbie Gamer

    Another main reason is mis management!

    We all know Garena Philippines having alot of issues and controversies, they are also known for having internal politics making it very corrupt

    I have alot of friend who worked there who resigned because of their crap i also got wind of them being shady on contracts with influencers so in short good for them they had this coming
  4. dutete

    dutete Elite Gamer

    Thanks very informative opnion, just a quick question non lol related.

    How will this affect other games tulad ng Arena of Valor or Free Fire since Garena PH din sila?
  5. dutete

    dutete Elite Gamer

    also do you think they will merge users sa iba pang countries?
  6. xero

    xero Paradox Personified

    Good questions, again here are my thoughts

    It wont it will be similar scenario with LoL basically not affected at all

    Technically they are already merged since they are in a data center to begin with, as for the idea of getting matched with other users in diff countries its unlikely. In short you will still be matched with players in your region
  7. Destiny

    Destiny Hardcore Gamer

    Interview daw from ex garena staff

    The Closing of Garena PH

    Q: Confirmation, is Garena PH really closing down?
    A: Yes. All operations will be handled by HQ but servers will stay here in the Philippines but will be managed by HQ.

    Q: Why is such a decision made?
    A: This decision was made by hq. All other offices are closing except for vVietnamand HQ.

    Q: Why?
    A: Because of low profit. In other words nalulugi na, unlike the sales of Vietnam.

    Q: How come they have low profit when their games are a hit especially League of Legends.
    A: Nope. League is also droping on sales. Much more expense than profit.

    Q: Why is there no official statement or announcement from Garena itself?
    A: The last event called conquerors was sponsored by Globe. They gave Garena 50 million for them to advertise and sponsor games which are handled by Garena. And Garena ph thought that thia deal will get some of their losses but it did not.

    Q: Again, why no official announcements?
    A: It's their strategy not to make players to panic. For 5 years that im in that company. I dont see them that confident to handle customers/players.

    A Probable End for League of Legends

    Q: Do you think Garena will eventually close down and see the end of LoL as a game?
    A: Yes. Because Garena and Riot have a contract and it will be ending soon. And as far as I know, Riot will have an office here in the Philippines. So they may get back lol and run it from their part. It may close down or accounts in ph will be merged to sg server.

    Q: So, League of Legends will still be a game to play and RIOT might eventually take over?
    A: Yes

    Effect/s on Local Players
    Q: How will LoL local players be affected by these changes?
    A: Actually they will not be affected that much. If the migration will happen either they will register for the migration and the servers will be down for at least 3 days.

    Q: Is the migration inevitable? Is it already planned?
    A: When i left Garena there was no talk regarding that. Just the operations that will be handled by HQ. But as I've heard from a friend of mine that was just offered to resign last month. That there are some talks that it may happen in the near future

    Q: Any message for Garena fans and players?
    A: My message to players is just be prepare for the worst. On my opinion. Garena ph down fall is because of poor management.

    Q: Why did you say poor management?
    A: On my first 2 years in garena its all good. Sales, marketing etc. But after they changed the people who is handling these departments. That the time when the profit is going down
  8. anonymous

    anonymous Hardcore Gamer

    The interview with Garena employee is inconsistent it seems he has no idea at all check this answers
    First he states they may close down accounts or merge with sg server.
    Then say it wont get affected, incompetency runs deep in this company so buti nga sa inyo
  9. Second Place

    Second Place Newbie Gamer

    The reason is definitely mismanagement and incompetence.

    Customer service is complete garbage and utterly useless.
    I've had numerous of submitted tickets that were never resolved and only received automated replies.
    The Garena app itself is a joke. Multiple times they have injected malicious files that eats up the GPU.
    Every time someone find it out they just take it away and say sorry and put it back in a few months later. Not only that, it is corrupt on the inside too.

    Everyone knows that Garena is shit tho so its nothing new really. The downfall is inevitable and I'm sure other players would be happy too for when Riot takes over.
  10. David D'Angelo

    David D'Angelo Newbie Gamer

  11. GameMaster

    GameMaster Casual Gamer

    Lol so puro mobile games nalang?

    Kahit free fire hirap kalabanin Rules of Survival
    AoV isa pa to patay halos lahat ng groups masyado mataas requirement compared sa Mobile Legends
    In summary wla na sila pakelam sa pc users
  12. EJ Subiere

    EJ Subiere Newbie Gamer

    This is my confession about Garena.
    Since nagkalat na ang balita na mawawala na daw ang garena ph, kaya itodo ko na to..

    LOL player ako. Kaso nag quit ako dahil sa bulok na system ng garena. Nag implement sila ng banning system. Active pa yun dati kaya na perma ban ako dahil sa chatting! (Aaminin ko naging toxic ako pero perma ban agad?)
    Ngayon pwede na mag unli chat at unli TT sa LOL kasi wla ng banning system, hindi na active. Napaka unfair ng garena dba?. Yung GM ang nag activate tas binawi. Poteks. Sayang 60k Worth skins ko. Kaya happy ako ngayon dahil mawawala na daw ang garena (KARMA IS REAL) Pinerahan lang tayo. Sa mga AOV players jan wag na kayo gumastos para sa skin kasi baka may banning ang AOV soon!. Goodluck.

    Lesson learned: Wag gumastos sa garena.

    PS: FREE to play ang LOL pero Hindi free ang skins na binili ko using garena card. Poteks hindi biro ang 60k php
  13. Garen Blitzcrank

    Garen Blitzcrank Newbie Gamer

    My Reply as a Previous GPH employee
  14. Taculayan

    Taculayan Casual Gamer

    damn thanks sa info sir

  15. PusaChen

    PusaChen Newbie Gamer

    Yep this is true! There an under the table transaction with gaming group in the Philippines with the initials "R R", kilala nyo na yan cant say more baka awayin mga sources ko.

    Imagine 2million RP daming yumaman jan
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