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Jun 25, 2021
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Get your Fresh, and Quality Garena LoL PH accounts here!! With proofs of transactions!!
I sell hand-leveled accounts, and Fresh Level 30 accounts.
Fresh Level 30 Accounts with 30,000+ Blue Essence :
  • No Email & Phone Number Linked
  • Can change password
  • No Stats & Mastery Points
  • Similar to a Riot Account wherein MMR is broken ( in a good way ). If you perfect Provisionals, and win 15+ games in Gold elo, you will gain in Diamond points ranging from 27 - 29 LP, and if you lose, only 2 - 9 LP. Possible to queue with Grandmaster - Low Challenger in Diamond 4 Division.

Hand-Leveled Account :
  • Can change Email & Password
  • Can link Phone Number
  • Each account varies depending on information given

Payment Methods: Gcash, PayMaya, & PayPal
Discord: HideShop#1102 for more inquiries/faster replies.

Discord: HideShop#1102
Payment Methods
Gcash, PayMaya, & PayPal
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