Garena Wont Open Fix


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Nov 13, 2018
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Option 1: End Processes
Please Troubleshoot with your Task Manager again and end the processes; LolClient.exe, lol.exe and ggdllhost.exe then reconnect to the client.

Option 3: Disable Security Software
In case, an Antivirus or Firewall Software is installed in your Computer, it is advisable to exempt G+ and LoL Client and/or disable the said software permanently since it might be interrupting your connection to the clients.

Option 4: Update Adobe Air, .Net Frameworks and Drivers
  1. Adobe Air
  2. Microsoft .Net Framework (3.5)
  3. Microsoft .Net Framework (4.0)
  4. NVIDIA, Intel or AMD
Option 5: Renew Patch
Manually re-patch your client as it would aid the broken files affecting the launchers.
Download latest patch

Option 6: Run on Windows 7
Supposing it's a compatibility issue with Windows 8, try to install Windows 7 and run the said clients.
Note: This acquires a lot of process and will completely alter your system.

Option 7: Completely Re-Install
Since you have re-installed G+ before, it is best to completely re-install G+ to remove the conserved files, folders and registries in your system that might been affecting the early state of your G+

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