Gate of Nightmares can be played as trial in early July

Gate of Nightmares, a new mobile RPG from Square Enix, is slated to start beta testing “soon.” Hiro Mashima, the creator of Fairy Tail and Edens Zero, is one of the game's key selling points. For Gate of Nightmares, he'll be in charge of character design and worldview, with Jin Fujisawa handling the plot and Yasuharu Takanashi handling the soundtrack.

The beta test for its forthcoming RPG Gate of Nightmares for Android and iOS platforms will begin on July 1, 2021, and will end on July 12, 2021. Applications for the beta test are now available.


A Square Enix ID is required for those who desire to join in the trial period. The trial, as well as the creation of a Square Enix ID, are both free. In addition, if more than 5,000 individuals register for the trial period, a lottery mechanism will be used to choose candidates. Those who want to take part in the trial period must also live in Japan.

The game is set in a realm formed by the "real world" and humanity's dreamscape, and it follows the adventures of Emma (who can control demons from nightmares) and Azel (who can control demons from nightmares) (who attracts demons). Because the third character has lost her memory, there isn't much to go on. They are, after all, on a mission to rescue the planet. Gate of Nightmares is being developed by Kodansha as well.

Hiro Mashima has created all of the game's characters from scratch, and Jin Fujisawa's scenario has been fully voiced.

  • Gate of Nightmares is a typical sword-and-magic fantasy adventure set in both the "real world" where people live and "Remurias," a realm of mixed-up dreams manifested. When Emma, a girl who became a "Nightwalker" and controls creatures known as "Nightmares," which are created from terrible dreams, meets Azel, a strange guy who the Nightmares admire, she becomes entangled in an adventure in which the world's fate hangs in the balance.

Azel (voiced by Yuuya Hirose)
  • The protagonist. Serious and passionate. He has a constitution liked by the Nightmares born from bad dreams.
Emma (voiced by Lynn)
  • The heroine. She encounters Azel when visiting Remurias for a quest, and from then on has to look after him.
Meruru (voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki)
  • A quiet and spontaneous girl shrouded in many mysteries. Her memories of the past are fuzzy.
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