Gate of Nightmares will be launching on October 26, Pre-register Now!

Square Enix has announced that Gate of Nightmares will be launching in Japan on October 26 for iOS via App Store and Android via Google Play. Pre-registration is available now.

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“Gate of Nightmares is set in Wistaria, a world of swords and magic, and Remulias, a world where people’s dreams become reality. Emma, a girl who became a “Nightwalker” and commands monsters born from bad dreams known as “Nightmares,” encounters Azel, a mysterious boy the Nightmares are fond of…

Leading to an epic journey she never saw coming…”

Here are the characters of Gate of Nightmares:


I'm Azel, an adventurer! Let's go out now!
  • Azel - CV: Yūya Hirose
An adventurer nightwalker who dreams of going around the world. Since meeting Emma in Remrias, the Spirit Forest, she has been working in combination. He has a reckless and friendly personality and likes to help people. He has a constitution that makes it easy to miss Nightmare.


Never put a bow until the day when your dreams come true. I have decided so.
  • Emma - CV: Lynn
A submaster of the Azel Guild. He has a serious and cautious personality, and is an indispensable brake for Azel, who has no guns. While doing guild work, he attends Magic Academy and is busy every day. I long for Abigail, one of the Seven-Star Knights.


I have no past to remember… Still, you can move forward.
  • Merle - CV: Atsumi Tanezaki
A girl with memory loss, holding a white star magic stone. From the time he first met in Remrias, he is now living in the Azel Guild. He has a gentle and somewhat natural personality, but he is a hard worker who does his best in case of emergency


For our country, for the stars to protect… I have to know more about the world.
  • Oliver - CV: Natsuki Hanae
A prince of the Kingdom of Estrea, who has both inquisitiveness and action. It is important to judge everything with your own eyes, and often when you leave the royal palace, you are watching and watching for any changes in people's lives. I like to see and hear information about star stones and star magic stones.


Rest assured, the eagle will protect you!
  • Gran - CV: Hiroki Yasumoto
Former nightmare hunter with muscular ridges. He is obsessed with making money and cannot help but participate in high-paying quests. At first glance, it looks harsh and inaccessible, but it has a very friendly personality. Because of the good care, the range of exchanges within the guild is quite wide.


Estio, the leader of the Order of the Seven Stars. I will definitely eliminate the darkness of this country… In the name of the Seven Stars.
  • Estio - CV: Wataru Hatano
A strong warrior who is the leader of the Seven-Star Knights and is called the strongest of Estrella. For the country and people to protect, I always do my best to do my job. However, if you leave it alone, you will continue to work without a break, so be careful when you are by your side (Abigail talk).


I'm Abigail. Deputy leader of the Order of the Seven Stars. Call me whenever you need help!
  • Abigail - CV: Saki Fujita
Deputy Chief of the Seven-Star Knights. A talented person who acts as Estio's right-hand man, but a hard worker who constantly polishes himself regardless of his position. The brave figure that is bright at all times and guides friends gives vitality not only to knights but also to the people.


The people call me Estrella's armor and admire it. It is my mission as the Seven Stars to continue to meet that expectation.
  • Ziguile - CV: Shunsuke Takeuchi
A tough warrior who is a member of the Order of the Seven Stars. It is called "Estrella's armor" because it has a strong body that can withstand any attack. His attitude of quietly performing his duties at all times is seen by other members of the group.

elena maria.png

My name is Elena Maria. A member of the Order of the Seven Stars....... I have nothing else to talk about.
  • Elena Maria - CV: Aoi Yuki
A dragon slayer belonging to the Order of the Seven Stars. A strong warrior with the nickname of a dragon knight, he is reluctant to get along with his friends and tends to run alone, which is a scratch on the ball. He doesn't show much emotion and his attitude is always blunt. I sometimes get the attention of other seven-star knights, but I have no intention of changing myself.


Prostrate! I am Euphoria, the princess of Estrella!
  • Euphoria - CV: Aiko Ninomiya
Princess of the Kingdom of Estrella. A young politician who has high leadership and always behaves in a dignified manner, bringing together his vassals. Befitting a noble status, words and deeds can be mixed with arrogant attitudes, all of which are to fulfill their royal duties. Oliver is a real brother and sister.


I am Barcellio, a researcher. If you have any questions about Nightmare or Lemurias, please let me know!
  • Barcellio - CV: Higuchi Akari
A researcher specializing in Lemurias working at a national research institute. A passionate enthusiast who devotes himself to unraveling the mysteries of Remrias, he has an extraordinary interest in the ecology of Nightmare. There is a tendency to prioritize inquisitiveness over ethics, and it is a little dangerous to be aware of it. I am not confident in my physical strength and am not very good at exercising.


Dr. Barcellio's assistant, Jasmine. If it's a bug, leave it to me!
  • Jasmine - CV: Aya Yamane
Insect Nightmare researcher and Barcellio's assistant. He loves insects and loves being attacked by them. It's a weird person who stands out for his eccentric and free words and deeds, but his boss, Barcellio, likes it.


Then, I call him Cider, the leader of the Knights of the Royal Palace. Now! Let's protect this country together!
  • Cider - CV: Tetsuya Oka
Leader of the Knights of the Estrella Royal Palace. A straightforward knight with a mission to protect the people, he is a good person who is highly trusted not only by the people of the royal capital but also by his subordinates. I am busy with work every day, but at the end of the day, listening to music and healing my mind is the cider style refreshing method.


The strong guy is the greatest! It's the same as the world of beasts!!!
  • Allen - CV: Shinnosuke Tachibana
Son of the Nog Chieftain. A boy whose charm points are his free-spirited behavior and his always loud voice. Unusual for the Nog tribe, who value tradition, he joined the Azel guild with an interest in city life. Very friendly and likes to talk to people.


Are you interested in the end of Nog's bow?
  • Barthus - CV: Haruki Ishiya
A master of the Nog bow, who respects the rules of the clan. A thoughtful and calm person, he sometimes kindly and generally rigorously watches over and guides Allen and Ronya. I know a lot of interesting stories from the clan, but all of them are told in Nog, so only Allen and others can enjoy it.


Achiki is Ronya, a great demon of the Nog tribe! If you lick it with a child, you'll see painful eyes!
  • Ronya - CV: Chitose Morinaga
Nog retired demon. I love pranks, and I'm always happy to make my own traps and set them up for Allen. He speaks like an old man, but the contents are still children. Playing around with Allen and Luka, she is a lively girl who preaches to Barthus.


Luka, words, fighting, studying. I'll do my best a lot, so uh ... please
  • Luka - CV: Reina Ueda
A Nog girl who is Ronya's younger sister. I speak in one word because I am studying a common language. However, the day of complete acquisition is far away because I often skip classes conducted by Barsus. He has an innocent and spoiled personality, and everyone has a habit of jumping without any effort.


There are no old or young, new or old friends. In the Marou Pirates, everyone is equally under the eagle!
  • Marou - CV: Aoi Yuki
A young captain of the Marou Pirates. A brave and brave girl who confronts the rough seas every day to protect the peace of the sea and for gold and silver treasure. He has excellent judgment and charisma, and is trusted by veteran sailors. Because he is particular about his position, he gets angry if he doesn't call him a "captain."


Cigar pop-like waves, if you can ride it, try riding it!!!
  • Segerpop - CV: Tetsuya Oka
A member of the Marou Pirates who love sake, the sea and friends. A dynamic person who seems to be a rough seaman, he laughs and confronts any fierce storm. He is on an equal footing with the young captain Marou, and he often unfolds large genkas at the port and on board, making the crew angry.


Olivia, the owner of the Olivia store and the signboard girl. Please patronize.
  • Olivia - CV: Akira Sekine
The owner of Olivia store and a famous signboard girl. He is a solid person who manages the store by himself, and his bright and gentle smile is loved by people all over the royal capital. Insects that are very beautiful and often appear in dirty places are natural enemies.

mei fang.jpg

Ishishi! If you look at this technique, your teacher will also review it!
  • Mei Fang - CV: Kotori Koiwai
A fighter girl from the east. He is fascinated by his teacher, Mercaria, and is happy to take care of her. If you think about it, you'll be rushing forward, and your tuned personality will go great with your cool master! The person himself often speaks aloud. Vise is a natural enemy.


Red hero Nord of justice, come here! I will never stop this step until I defeat all the evils that infest the world!
  • Nord - CV: Wataru Hatano
Let's explain! Nord is the leader of the Nord Ranger who protects the peace of the city! The burning flame of justice, Nordred himself! His steps will not stop until the day when all evil is destroyed! Until that day, don't lose, Nord Ranger!!! Good luck, Nordred!!!


I'm Oristoll. I was led by my sword Castor . Nice to meet you... Castor says so too.
  • Oristoll - CV: Kazuyuki Okitsu
A quiet swordfighter who travels with his beloved sword Castor. He has a mysterious power to hear the voice of the sword, and has a unique relationship with Castor like a friend. An immovable self-paced owner who is not swept away by the surrounding air.


Please look! It's a big discovery!
  • Tom - CV: Mutsumi Tamura
A boy who attends the teacher department of the Royal Palace Magic Academy. The lifestyle at the academy is well-behaved. Excellent results. As a student, he is a perfect boy. These days, he is enthusiastic about making magical medicine that is both a hobby and a study, and is mass-producing dubious medicines.


Hi. I'm Leonis, a court archer. His special skill is to shoot through the girl's heart... what!
  • Leonis - CV: Shinnosuke Tachibana
A beautiful court archer who loves and loves women. With her refreshing smile and sweet behavior, she has the experience of catching the hearts of many women. According to a female fan, it seems to be chara, but in fact it is wonderful that it is sincere…


My name is Sigma, Knight of the Kingdom of Estrea. If you have any problems, please give us an order.
  • Sigma - CV: Toshinari Fukamachi
A royal knight who serves Oliver. He is always soft and responds to any actions of his master with a smile. Coupled with the length of the relationship, Oliver has earned the full trust of him, but he does not seem to be bothered. For him, who is proud of his servant ability, that trust is natural and appropriate.


Ah, that. I don't want you to expect too much. If I'm nervous, I'll fail right away...!
  • Luisa - CV: Yumiri Hanamori
A shy witch apprentice who attends the Royal Palace Magic Academy. A girl who is timid like a small animal and has an intimidating side, but she can work hard to change herself. I like fluffy and round rabbits.


I'm a painter who doesn't have an oiler. Sometimes I have a weapon instead of a brush…
  • Belaire - CV: Kentaro Tone
A genius landscape painter who makes his name roar in the royal capital. The laid-back personality and the gentle way of speaking make the person who comes in contact feel the personality of a famous artist ... but once the switch is turned on, the mental state goes into a runaway state. It's hard to draw outdoors, so I'm not good at rainy days.


Happy and fun super lucky, Ran-chan's mood soars.
  • Lamberka - CV: Nana day drawing
A powerful and tricky woman with a personality. He loves having fun and chatting, and he has countless friends of all ages in the royal capital. He has many part-time jobs to earn money to play, and it has been confirmed that he appears everywhere in the sea, mountains, and live venues.


The Queen's street!
  • Beatrix - CV: Bridcut Sarah Emi
A woman with a queen temperament who is eager to follow a strong servant. He has a strong desire to control a strong man, and when he meets a person who suits his glasses, he scouts at will. It's a high-flying car and selfish, but it's surprisingly weak.


My name is Lumina, a priest of the Ruges Church. My healing palm of force, to Your role will stand away.
  • Lumina - CV: Saori Onishi
A young priest of the Ruges Church. He wishes for the peace of all life that exists in this world, and continues to heal people with his own power every day. The operation of the church is made up of the support of those who want to reward her kindness. I like apples and sweets.


Why are you trying to master Takeshi? Well, to put it simply... maybe because it's fun.
  • Melkarea - CV: Naoko Yuzuki
A solitary fighter with the nickname "Crushing Empress". His lifelong goal is to master his own martial arts, and he used to travel across countries and break dojos. It has a peculiar laughing point and sometimes confuses his disciple Mayfan.


All the guys who interfere with my work are knocked down at once. Isn't it a good way to understand?
  • Serena - CV: Bridcut Sarah Emi
A reliable older sister of the Rock War Mercenary Corps. With a cheerful and cheerful personality and strong skill, he brings together mercenaries with strong habits. She has the toughest and cleanest in the group, but in fact, it seems that her long-time friends also have a secret hobby...?


By the way, if you talk to me, it's a little bit!
  • Saeed - CV: Takashi Sato
A desert merchant who is goddamn. When we hear the troubled voices of potential customers, they appear out of nowhere and introduce unusual products. He is always cheerful and has a good feeling, but he is also a mysterious person who is hard to grasp.


Don't eat Date. If you get caught up in something bad, well, I'll give you a consultation, right?
  • Miguel - CV: Kento Fujinuma
A veteran royal knight who loves alcohol and women. Cheerful, easy to get along with, and a little sloppy. He says he has never drank it during work, but his usual attitude is somewhat drunk, and he is suspicious of others.

Key Features:
  • A Traditional Fantasy Adventure Created by Hiro Mashima and Jin Fujisawa – Enjoy a new story set in a wondrous world of swords and magic with character design and worldview by Hiro Mashima, and scenario by Jin Fujisawa.
  • 3D Action Battles with Over 50 Playable Characters – Hiro Mashima’s character designs are fully realized as 3D character models. Utilize each character’s skills to defeat the enemies that block your path.
  • Create New Nightmares with the Monster Fusion System – You can create new Nightmares by fusing the Nightmares born from bad dreams. Journey across Wistaria and Remulias in search of new Nightmares.
  • Profound Sounds by Yasuharu Takanashi – Yasuharu Takanashi, who also worked on the music for the television anime Fairy Tail, is also in charge of music for Gate of Nightmares. Takanashi’s profound sounds bring the game to life.
  • A Magnificent Voice Cast – Featuring Aiko Ninomiya, Akari Higuchi, Akira Sekine, Aoi Yuki, Atsumi Tanezaki, Aya Yamane, Ayaka Asai, Chitose Morinaga, Haruki Ishiya, Hiroaki Miura, Hiroki Yasumoto, Hiroyuki Yoshino, Kazuyuki Okitsu, Kentaro Tone, Kento Fujinuma, Kotori Koiwai, Lynn, Madoka Asahina, Mutsumi Tamura, Natsuki Hanae, Nene Naninu, Reina Ueda, Saeko Kamimura, Saki Fujita, Saori Oonishi, Sarah Emi Bridcutt, Satomi Satou, Shinnosuke Tachibana, Shoko Yuzuki, Shunsuke Takeuchi, Takashi Sato, Tetsuya Oka, Toshinari Fukamachi, Wataru Hatano, Yoshie Saito, Yumiri Hanamori, Yuuya Hirose, and more.

Interested players can pre-register here or here.


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