Gear Awakening and Family Blessings Now Available in Black Desert Mobile

Pearl Abyss today announced that Gear Awakening and Family Blessings have been added to Black Desert Mobile. Adventurers can now use these new systems to become more powerful by further enhancing their gear and quickly leveling up their alternate characters.

Starting today, Adventures who have ascended their characters can use the Gear Awakening system to acquire stronger gear. Once Adventurers awaken their gear , they can also apply Awakened Enchantments to them, which will give advanced Attack or Defense buffs.

The Family Blessings system is also available now in Black Desert Mobile. This new EXP buff system will help Adventurers grow their alternate characters much faster. It will be applied when Adventurers play with a character that is not the highest-level character in their Family. The buff will be effective until the level of the alternate character reaches the level of the strongest character.

Seoul, South Korea June 17, 2020

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