Gear up for battle with Free Fire Tales: Double Trouble on 1st October

The latest chapter in Free Fire Tales, Double Trouble, will hit its peak this weekend on 1st October. Fans and players can look forward to new character costumes, reskinned collections, weapons, emotes, and in-game content.

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  • The latest chapter in the Free Fire Tales series, Double Trouble, saw new character Tatsuya Garcia and his brother Shirou join forces to defeat The White Whales gang
  • Players will be able to battle in style with all-new skins, emotes and exclusive rewards
Double Trouble’s main film, which premiered last weekend, saw brothers Tatsuya and Shirou Garcia mend their troubled relationship as they work to defeat The White Whales. After unknowingly being hired by Dasha to complete the same mission, both brothers end up in jail together, only to discover that they are stronger together. With this realisation, Tatsuya and Shirou have joined forces to halt the White Whales’ plan to blow up Griza’s new tower — The Pinnacle. In the jam-packed film filled with dramatic twists and turns, the brothers discover that Mark, the trusted protector of the city and its citizens, was behind their biological father’s murder.

Relive the action of Free Fire Tales: Double Trouble here.

More rewards on 1st October

To celebrate the adventure of brotherhood, a variety of skins and other in-game content inspired by the street art of Griza, will also be up for grabs to all fans. Among the collectibles will be a melee bat, surfboard, vehicle skin and pet skin — items to aid players as they work towards defeating evil. Additionally, players can expect a special interface that contains milestone trackers, as well as new emotes so that they are well equipped to stop the evil forces.

Tokens to be earned during in-game mission and “Griza Fighter” Web event

In the lead up to 1st October, fans and players have already been treated to the Free Fire Tales: Double Trouble’s in-game mission. Roleplaying as Tatsuya, players compete against Shirou to accumulate Bro points that can be exchanged for milestone rewards. Players are also able to speed up their progress by claiming tokens from in-game matches and daily missions to exchange for Bro points!

The ongoing “Griza Fighter” web event is now available, where players can fight the characters shown in the Double Trouble main film.

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