Geek Fam is the Reigning Champion of PMPL Season 4!

After an intense month-long tournament, the top teams across Malaysia and Singapore made their way to the Grand Finals of the PUBG Mobile Professional League Season 4.


At the league stage of the PMPL, Geek Fam’s performance stumbled a little, coming in at ninth place. However, quickly recovering and gaining back their momentum, the team made a massive comeback. Going on to snatch up three more chicken dinners back-to-back, including two second-place finishes, Geek Fam accumulated a total of 214 points. Through impressive gameplay, Geek Fam managed to walk away with the Champions title and trophy.


In Match 2 of the game, Geek Fam played it safe and steady, with the whole squad making it through the map, until the final moments. However, with the odds in their favour, they successfully managed to eliminate RSG MY and Team SMG, securing the first WWCD of the day and third of the tournament. Playing it safe once again in Match 3, in the final moments of the map, the Fam surrendered DamRUDE to keep SEM9.GANK occupied, Geek Fam secured their second WWCD of the day. Lastly in Match 4, Geek fam brought their A game, securing the third Chicken Dinner of the day. With the extra points from their 13 kills in match 4, Geek Fam already showed promise of taking home the trophy. Our in-game leader, DamRUDE also secured the title of the Final MVP, accumulating a total of 35 eliminations and 5,825 damage in the Grand Finals.


The win at PMPL advanced Geek Fam to the SEA Championship featuring 16 teams from across Southeast Asia. The SEA Championship will take place on the 5th of November to the 7th of November, 2021, further determining whether the Fam will secure themselves a spot in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2021.


Overall, Geek Fam brought forward a thrilling performance at the PMPL SG/MY Season 4, proving themselves to be Champions. Congratulations to the Geek Fam team for their efforts in the PMPL arena!

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