Geek Fam Nnael was sanctioned with two-match suspension after match vs Deus Vult in M5

The ongoing M5 World Championship has been making a buzz all round the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang community even if its Group Stage is still not over. One of the most heated matches in the Group Stage is the best-of-3 series between Geek Fam and Deus Vult. There were several exchanges of taunts and celebratory gestures after every game of this series. Deus Vult’s Kid Bomba wild gestures after their game appealed to the crowd and Geek Fam’s Baloyskie also taunted their opponents with a crybaby gesture. Some of these wild gestures were allowed but what the Geek Fam’s jungler Nnael did was not tolerated.


In the official Facebook page of Mobile Legends Esports, Moonton announced that Nnael was given a two-match suspension by their committee. It has been said that Nnael violated a rule that prohibits a team member from making any form of unruly behavior. The specific act that Nnael did wasn’t mentioned in the post but there has been a buzz around the social media that a camera caught Nnael making the middle finger gesture.

"We are aware of the unacceptable behavior made by Geek Fam's jungler Nnael during their match against DeusVult today, 5 December 2023....Any form of unruly behavior will not be tolerated. We expect our professional players to follow a strict code of conduct", Moonton said in a message post to the MLBB Esports Community.

This means that in the next two matches of Geek Fam this M5, Nnael won’t be allowed to play and it is expected that either their reserve player Caderaa or their current starter gold laner Markyyyy will play the jungler role. Both of those players are listed as gold laners but since there is no other jungler players in their roster, it is expected that one of them will take that jungler spot instead. Geek Fam has a good standing in the Group Stage and thus, they will advance to the Knockout Stage.

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