Genshin Impact 2.2 updates leak may include Tsurumi Island gameplay and new additions

The Genshin Impact 2.1 Update was launched on September 1st, and it brought a slew of new features to the game. We also got two new locations, Serai and Watatsumi Islands, in addition to three new characters. The all-new fishing mechanism, on the other hand, has been the centerpiece of the update, with fans praising it.


The beta for the upcoming version, like the previous ones, went online shortly after it was released. Among the various leaks that have recently surfaced, this one provides insight into the banners that will be included in the update.

Hu Tao and/or Childe might be the 5-star characters in the 2.2 Update, according to famous Genshin Impact leaker abc64. Childe was first published in November of last year as part of the 1.1 Update, and has already had a banner repeat in April of this year. Hu Tao, on the other hand, came out in March of this year.


2.2 Rerun Info

Hu Tao and/or (possibly) Childe.

There is not much data to go off of, so take this with more grains of salt than usual. I'm quite confident at least one of them will make a banner appearance, but this is subject to change as always.#GenshinImpact

— abc64 (@abc64real) September 2, 2021


Unlike earlier leaks, this one, according to the leaker, is a little hazy. Character release dates and banner information are usually true, however leaks haven't proven to be that reliable this time. In fact, it was anticipated that Yae might be included in the 2.2 Update, but the only new character we'll receive is Thoma. It'll be fascinating to see which of the two, if either, makes it into the game.

They also mentioned the upcoming character is a Hydro user who wields a Claymore and can change his weapon into a sword stance when his Elemental Skill is triggered. As for his Elemental Burst, it reportedly enables the character to summon a vortex that will draw in opponents while applying Hydro DMG to those within its range.

Tsurumi Island has been featured in a number of photos and films, depicting it as a haunting place surrounded by a gloomy stormy red sky. It has an unsettling aura that is most likely inhabited by Inazuman ghosts.


It's unclear if these components will have an impact on gameplay. Nonetheless, given Inazuma's history of weather having a significant role in exploration, they are likely to be significant.

As the fog creeps in, Tsurumi Island will see a variety of weather conditions throughout the day. The heavy mist that has engulfed the whole region will impair visibility.

To make exploring simpler, fans will most likely have to travel at particular times. Tsurumi Island will undoubtedly be a one-of-a-kind experience for Genshin Impact fans, and exploring it with the 2.2 update should be enjoyable.

Since nothing is official yet about Ayato, fans should temper their expectations and take this leak as highly speculative. "Genshin Impact" just received Update 2.1.
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