Genshin Impact 3.1 includes Nahida and Layla with the events previewed, and Candace character demo released

According to Genshin Impact’s official Twitter account, there’ll be new characters joining its playable roster, namely Layla and Nahida.

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For players who’ve kept up with their Archon Quests, Nahida should be a familiar character to them. She appeared in Chapter III of the Archon Quest and is the vessel of the Lesser Lord Kusanali, current Dendro Archon and ostensible ruler of Sumeru. As expected, she is a Dendro-element character.


The second character is Layla, who is also from Sumeru and is a Rtawahist student, specializing in Theoretical Astrology. She is a Cryo-element character.


For the login giveaways, players will be rewarded with Mora, Intertwined Fates, Heroes’ Wits, and Mystic Ore from October 14 to 31, 2022. For the Event Wish banners, Genshin Impact will be hosting two with the first one headed by Cyno while the second is by Venti. Both banners feature increased drop rates for Candace, Sayu, and Shinobu.

Aside from Cyno, Candace is also one of the main characters for this update of Genshin Impact and HoYoverse has shared the latest information about her. A character demo video of Candace has been released and her skills and attributes were detailed in a blog post in HoYoLab.


Aaru villagers often say that Candace is the village's strongest line of defense, just like that blessed shield of hers.
But Candace knows that apart from being a useful weapon, there really is nothing special about her shield.
What's more important is the determination she puts in when the shield is raised.

Although Candace is a 4-Star Hydro-element polearm-wielder, she is better known as the Blessed Shield, sworn defender of Aaru Village. She is the descendant of King Deshret, a legendary figure among the Desertfolk of Sumeru’s arid subregion. Her condition with her eyes is called heterochromia and her amber-colored eye has the ability to see into the future. She’s voiced in English by Shara Kirby (Bea in Pokémon Masters, Lucky in Tokyo 24th Ward), and in Japanese by Ryota Yuzuki (Kayo from Horimiya, Shizuka in My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU).

Candace provides offensive support. When she raises her shield with her elemental skill, she can absorb incoming damage. Her skill button will move her to leap forward and slam opponents with Hydro damage. But holding the button will make Candace keep her shield up and absorb damage based on her Max HP stat. Her elemental burst deals AOE Hydro damage that scales with her Max HP.

It also grants a buff called “Prayer of the Crimson Crown” on the active character. With the buff, the elemental damage is enhanced and the normal attacks of Sword, Claymore, and Polearm-wielding characters will be infused with Hydro. A Hydro damage shockwave will also happen if players swapped characters while the buff is still in effect.

Candace is now available in the game as the Version 3.1 Update has been released.