Genshin Impact 4.3 will be introducing 5-star Geo Navia and 4-star Pyro Chevreuse

Debuting this coming December are the Genshin Impact characters Navia and Chevreuse. HoYoVerse has finally shared a teaser art and profiles for both characters that will be arriving through the 4.3 update.

Navia and Chevreuse.jpg

Before the official release of Navia, she has already appeared in the Fontaine story before. She’s a 5-star Geo character with a Constellation called Rosa Multiflora. She is the head of the Spina di Rosula and she will debut in the game as an Ousia character.

On the other hand, Chevreuse is a new 4-star Pyro character. She’s the Special Security and Surveillance Patrol Captain in Fontaine. Her Constellation is called Sclopetum Ensiferum and she will be an Ousia as well.

As of the moment, there’s yet an official date for the Genshin Impact version 4.3 since it's just yesterday that the Genshin Impact 4.2 has been released. But it is expected that it will be released in the middle of December.

Aside from the mentioned characters, there are leaks that say Arataki Itto, Raiden Shogun, and Albedo will be getting reruns. Unfortunately, no 4-star characters were mentioned. Players should stay tuned whether this piece of information will be true or not.

Add to that, leaks have also revealed that there will be a brand new artifact set that will arrive in version 4.3. The names were unknown but their effect was revealed:
  • Crystal Attacker set
  • Convert Overheals to buffs
That’s all that has been revealed so far in the upcoming 4.3 update. As some information was leaked, it's best to take it with a grain of salt. Stay tuned for further updates!