Genshin Impact Amber Guide, The Underrated Gliding Champion of Mondstadt PC iOS Android 

Some people are ranting about the Gacha System in Genshin Impact and while that is understandable and all, people fail to see the possibilities of having a strong character in the free units, one such is Amber, while lackluster in the start, with a few tune-ups and upgrades, she will be a beast in the game. Let's explain how.

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Amber is a Pyro Archer that its playstyle is based on setting up her Bunny Bomb to taunt enemies and launch a rain of fire against enemies. These skills are perfect set-ups for elemental reactions and having another Pyro unit can set up an attack boost for the party via Elemental Resonance. With that out of the way, if you want Amber to be half-support, half-DPS therefore an assist type. Here's what you need to do.

First, you need to make sure that you are equipped with the perfect bow for the job. Favonius Warbow comes into mind, if you plan to build Elemental Mastery/Recharge + Crit for Amber then you will gain a lot of Elemental Orbs to refill and reuse her bursts and skills with ease. Although if you have a ton of dupes of the Stringless to use it will also be great since your elemental damage can increase a lot which definitely helps in the long run.

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As for Artifacts, getting proper set pieces can bring about the long run. Energy Recharges such as the Exile and the Scholar are to get you running more bursts and skills. Wanderer's Troupe is also fantastic for bow users such as Amber so that will work too, especially the 4-piece bonus.

Again, talents should be leveled to get the best out of Amber. Aaaaand, here comes the kicker, better constellation boosts can bring about the best of her. Especially the one in which you can manually trigger her Bunny bomb to explode, you can set a lot of wacky combos with other elements with it.

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I have not maxed my Amber yet as I am building my Fischl first and then getting more Amber constellations for the powerful combos soon. Do not sleep on Amber as she can be strong when enabled to. Join the Genshin Impact Forums today!

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