Genshin Impact Android Controller Support Guide

Genshin Impact has been all the rage lately in social media and it just proves that their launch has been a success ever since they have released. From the accumulated hype, word of mouth, and the news from their peers and influencers, a lot of people suddenly knew the game and before you know it, they started to play and see the world of Teyvat. While the game will keep on improving there is one thing that the game lacks and people are hoping that they add it soon, controller support.

Controller support in mobile is particularly our issue for today and let us talk about why it is important. Some people prefer to play on their consoles and the controllers it has, some just prefer the feel of a controller even if they prefer to play on mobile because it is much easier and since the game heats up, it can be a problem with their hands. Those are some of the reasons why players use a controller for their convenience, problem is, Genshin does not have one yet.

But do not worry, we have found a way to do so and it has been proven to work by the video provided by Hayzink DKB, here's the link and we'll help you how to make it work.

A quick disclaimer though before we proceed, be careful with using third-party applications. This may be a quality of life work that we are working out with, it is still risky to play the game with another third-party app. It has been reported that usage of any third-party app can be a bannable offense so proceed with caution. Now that is out of the way, here's how it works.

Basically, you need to download an application called Octopus. Octopus is an application that makes the controller support possible. Now once you downloaded the game, load the game from Octopus and you can start making it work.

Genshin Impact Android Controller a.png

Matching the left-analog for movement and the right analog for the aim will be great for starters, this way the game will feel like you are just playing on console. Once you are finished with that, try and match the actions below to your preferred settings, as long as you know how to play the game with your controller, you can pick any settings that you like which can make your experience great.

Genshin Impact Android Controller b.png

Make sure to add additional buttons for the character menu and other menus in the upper right corner. But since there are more options, you can just pick which you like to add. As the uploader said, there are things that you cannot add for the controller so there's that.

Genshin Impact Android Controller c.png

Finally, you can lower the button opacity so it won't be a hindrance in the game while you are playing it. Then, you are done, simple as that!

There is no news yet if they will add controller support in mobile soon so this is the closest you get so far. But being a third-party app, it can be troubling in the case of offenses and banning in the game. Time will tell if we need to stick with this method or miHoYo will provide controller support for the game.