Genshin Impact Artifacts Guide and Resource Management to save Moras


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Nov 4, 2018
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Guys - I just want to share my guide/tip which will help your characters become stronger and will let you save time choosing the correct artifacts for your characters.

Photos uploaded with caption - please read my guide and compare on photo attached

  1. I have an example for both 3stars artifacts and 4stars artifacts. When you look at the photos, you will notice the SUBSTATS.

    There are 3 stars artifacts which already have 2 Substats and there are 3stars artifacts which initially only have 1 Substats.
There are 4 stars artifacts which already have 3 Substats and there are 3stars artifacts which initially only have 2 Substats.

So what does it tells you?

2) By knowing this, you can slim down your choices. You will always prefer those Artifacts which already shows the stats you needed instead of gambling and using your mora to upgrade it to +4 just to have a random stats which you probably don't need. (based from #1 just use logic, let me know if its confusing)

3) Benefits: You can save a lot of Mora's - Why?
  • If you understand the logic from above information you can easily determine which artifacts you should be enhancing and not to enhance. (Only exemption for blind enhancement is if you desperately need to enhance an artifact for ATK boost for your progression)
  • Enhancing - I know all of us are having a hard time to choose which item to throw for enhance and might include good artifacts with good stats. I suggest since you know above information now, go ahead and look for artifacts which might be useful and put it on your idle characters which are not yet ready to fight. This will filter out the artifacts and you can enhance with ease LOL.
This is all from me. I hope you guys learn something. Please let me know anything if you are unsure/did not get it/confused of this post I am very open to help you understand it.

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