Genshin Impact celebrates the release of Version 3.5 "Windblume's Breath" with a Twitch Livestream Event

Hello, Travelers! As the Genshin Impact Version 3.5 "Windblume's Breath" will be arriving in the game soon, the Twitch Livestream Event has finally started. Through this Twitch Livestream Event, you can stream your content, complete missions, and earn Primogems all at the same time! Cash prizes also await you in the challenge.

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The registration period started last February 24 and will continue until March 3. For the streaming period, it starts today after the version update and will continue until March 21. Note that those who have registered before March 1 will be able to start streaming after the Version 3.5 updates. However, for those who have registered after March 1, they will need to wait until March 4 to start streaming. Add to that, the reward calculation period will start on March 22 until April 2.

To take part in the Twitch Livestream Event, sign up for the event and link your email to your HoYoverse account. Players who are registered in the four servers, which are America, Europe, Asia, and (TW, HK, MO), are eligible to participate in the event. Once you can finally stream, stream in the Genshin Impact Category on Twitch for a total of 6 hours or more so that you can qualify for the "Start Streaming" and "Aim for the Leaderboard" rewards.

Watching Rewards

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For watching rewards, watch a certain number of hours of streams to win the following rewards. Note that you will only be eligible to win rewards from this category if you watched under the Genshin Impact category on Twitch. Link your HoYoverse account to your Twitch account to collect your rewards. This will also enable Twitch Drops. Add to that, each type of reward is limited to 300,000 in quantity.

Streaming Rewards

Streaming Duration Event Details

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Reach a certain number of stream hours during the event for a chance to receive the following rewards. Just to be clear, "6 hours" means streaming at least 6 hours throughout the event. The following are the rewards that you may receive after you have reached a certain number of hours during the event:
  • 6 hours equates to Primogems ×200
  • 9 hours equates to Primogems ×450
  • 12 hours equates to Primogems ×800
  • 30 hours equates to Primogems ×1,600
Consecutive Check-Ins Event Details

Players who will participate in the event will gain a milestone if their stream time within an "Event Week" reaches 3 hours. Note that every "Event Week" starts on Wednesday at 00:00:00 (UTC+8) and ends on the following Tuesday at 23:59:59 (UTC+8). As a guide, the "Event Week" time has been provided.
  • Week 1: March 1 after the version update – March 7 at 23:59:59
  • Week 2: March 8 at 00:00:00 – March 14 at 23:59:59
  • Week 3: March 15 at 00:00:00 – March 21 at 23:59:59
Meet the event requirements to obtain the milestone(s). Note that only one milestone can be acquired each "Event Week" while a total of three milestones can be acquired during the entire event duration.

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To know more about Genshin Impact’s Twitch Livestream Event as well as to have answers to your questions, if you have any, you can go to the event’s official website. Enjoy!


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