Genshin Impact Challenge Domain and Character Explained

The New Long-term Challenge Domain – “Imaginarium Theater”

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New rules, greater difficulty, and richer rewards!

New renew cycle: Starting this July, "Imaginarium Theater" will launch and update on every first day of the month, while the current "Spiral Abyss" will be updated on the 16th of each month. (The current Spiral Abyss renews every 1st and 16st of each month)

Where to find: To visit the Imaginarium Theater, you must enter the Mondstadt Library where a mysterious room will open. A concierge named "Wolfy" is ready to tell you the story and show you a special book that you can interact with to enter the new Challenge Domain.

Similarities with the Spiral Abyss: Imaginarium Theater also provides combat challenges of different difficulty levels, with each difficulty level offering a different number of challenges. Between battles, you may encounter various events that rally your team together and provide you with various buffs or debuffs.

Requires diverse team build with changing characters: To complete challenges of the highest difficulty, you must gather and master a certain number of characters of specific elements. During the same month, only characters of designated elements are eligible to participate in challenges. However, each character can only fight a certain number of battles. In addition to your own characters, you can also choose the initial cast of six designated characters preset by the domain each month, a very small number of Special Guest Stars that are not subject to elemental type restrictions, and Supporting Cast members provided by friends to help you.

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Richer rewards for old and new challenge domains: The current "Imaginarium Theater" rewards its champions with up to Primogems ×620 per month, a series of new photo poses for certain characters, and "Fantastical Blessings" that can only be carried to the open world only by the six designated characters of the month. In addition to the seasonal rewards, a "Debut Performance Gift" will be granted the first time you complete a challenge. Furthermore, the total amount of Primogem rewards from Floors 9 to 12 of the Spiral Abyss will be increased to 800.

Three New Playable Allies From Fontaine and Sumeru

We bring Clorinde, Sigewinne, two with Bond of Life mechanics, and Sethos into Version 4.7 as playable characters!


  • Clorinde, 5-star, Electro, Sword, Bond of Life: Clorinde can use a pistolet and sword in combat. Her Elemental Skill causes her to enter the "Night Vigil" state. In the "Night Vigil" state, Clorinde's Normal Attacks may turn to piercing pistolet attacks to accumulate Bond of Life, and her Elemental Skill turns into a lunging sword attack that clears her Bond of Life, deals higher AoE DMG, and restores her HP.
  • At the same time, healing effects she receives through other means during her "Night Vigil" state are added to her Bond of Life instead of her HP. Clorinde is also a Marechaussee Hunter, and this lineage allows her to swiftly evade enemy attacks, strike her opponents with AoE Electro DMG, and grant her a Bond of Life based on her max HP with her Elemental Burst.
Sigewinne, 5-star, Hydro, Bow, Bond of Life:
  • The first playable Melusine, Sigewinne, is also known as the nurse head of Meropide, now ready to join us as a five-star Hydro archer and healer.
  • Sigewinne's Elemental Skill fires a giant, bouncing bubble that deals damage to nearby enemies, heals nearby teammates, increases the Elemental Skill damage of off-field team members, and ultimately heals herself when the bubble disappears. The bubble may sometimes trap an enemy too.
  • With her unique Talent, Sigewinne's healing can be increased based on the total Bond of Life values across all the characters in her party.
Sethos, 4-star, Electro, Bow, Piercing Charged Shots
  • Outside of Fontaine, Sethos from Sumeru will join as a four-star Electro archer shooting powerful, piercing arrows. As the successor to the mysterious Temple of Silence, he first debuted in the second chapter of Cyno's Story Quest.
  • In combat, Sethos's Charge Level 2 attack restricts his movements but fires a formidable, piercing shot.
  • His charging time can be shortened by consuming Elemental Energy, and his Elemental Skill can initiate a ritual to restore Elemental Energy whenever a hit on an enemy triggers an Overloaded, Electro-Charged, Superconduct, Electro-Swirl, Quicken, Aggravate, or Hyperbloom reaction.
  • With his Elemental Burst, Sethos will enter the "Twilight Meditation" state, converting his Normal Attacks to enemy-piercing Dusk Bolts that deal increased DMG based on his Elemental Mastery.
V4.7 Banner Information:
  • 1st half: Clorinde, Sethos, Alhaitham (Rerun)
  • 2nd half: Sigewinne, Furina (Rerun)
  • Story Quest for Clorinde and Sigewinne opens
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