Genshin Impact Childe Leaked Skills


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May 11, 2015
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Translated skill and information for Childe in from CN screenshot

Childe(Hydro. Bow)

Basic Attack
Shoots up to 6 arrows at enemies.

Charqed Attack
Aims and charges up for a powerful shot. When fully charged, the arrow will deal water damage and apply Broken Flow. Broken Flow AOE hydro damage will be dealt to all nearby enemies of the target hit when any enemy under the effect Broken Flow is hit by any of Childe's attacks. This damage is calculated as regular attack damage.

Elemental Skill
Unleashes equipment made of water dealing Hydro damage to all nearby enemies and enters melee stance. Regular Attack A six combo of slashes that deal Hydro damage. Charged Attack Instantly performs 2 slashes in front of Child, dealing Hydro damage, uses stamina. Broken Flow: Slash When hitting an enemy under Broken Flow effect while in melee stance, Broken Flow: Slash will be executed. dealing AOE Hydro damage. This effect is calculated as regular attack damage.

Elemental Burst

Ranged Stance

Shoots a magical arrow containing Hydro elemental power. dealing AOE Hydro damage while also applying Broken Flow to all enemies hit. Refunds partial elemental energy after use. Melee Stance: Performs a wide slash. dealing tremendous Hydro damage to all nearby enemies while also triggering Broken Flow: Burst.

Broken Flow
Burst AOE Hydro damage will be dealt when enemies under Broken Flow is hit with Melee Elemental Burst. Broken Flow will be consumed in the process.

Ascension 1 Passive Broken Flow duration increased by 8 seconds. Ascension 4 Passive Critical hits dealt by normal and charged attacks in melee stance will apply Broken Flow to enemies hit. "Utility" Passive All active team members' normal attack talent level increases by 1.