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Nov 4, 2018
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I wanna share some information, specially for new users na baka confusing ang STATS ng Genshin Impact since it's a bit different compared sa other RPGs. This would also help everyone when checking for Weapon and Artifact STATS.


Things to TAKE NOTE:

1. ELEMENTAL DAMAGE = Pyro/Hydro/Cryo/Dendro/Electro/Geo/Anemo DMG

2. PHYSICAL DAMAGE = Normal Attacks (Melee and Bow-only*), Charged Attacks (Melee-only)**

*Bow user's Charge Attack has Elemental Damage.
**Any Catalyst or Book users, ang Normal and Charge Attack nila has Elemental DMG.

3. ELEMENTAL MASTERY= this stat will scale the damage of your Elemental Burst and their Elemental Reactions with your other Bursts in the party.

4. RECHARGE % = Pag etong stats mataas you can cast more skills Elemental Burst since they will regenerate more quickly. (Tip, if you are building a RECHARGE-based Main DPS, it's best na ka Party niya 2 Anemo para sa Cooldown Reduction ng skills. Fast Recharge and Lower Cooldown means more Bursts and Reactions)

5. HEALING BONUS = How much % of Healing you can do to the Characters (Calculated based on Healing Bonus % and Elemental Mastery of the healer regardless of the target's element).*

*I'm still clarifying with someone from Discord and Reddit regarding Elemental Mastery on how exactly it works with Healing.

4. INCOMING HEAL BONUS = Increases how much healing you get from a Heal (like Barbara) or Heal when killing enemies (like Xingqui).

5. ATTACK, ATTACK %, CRIT RATE, CRIT DAMAGE = Prioritise these stats for your MAIN DPS (and SUB DPS if dalawa gamit mo sa Team mo) -- Main and Sub Stats of your Weapons/Artificats.

6. When using 2 Stars Artifacts, make sure na meron silang SUB STATS na kasama. Pag wala, you can use them as pang level up sa ibang Artifacts mo.

7. Fixed Main Stats on Artifacts are only = Flowers (HP), Feathers (Attack). The others will be different or varies.

8. Noelle's equipment should highly focus on DEF and DEF Bonus. At around Level 40 or higher, try to balance it with Attack, Attack %, and Geo DMG. Her final Constellation converts 40% DEF to Attack. She is OP when she is maxed out, make sure na kumain siya ng Attack and Def Foods para mas lalong tumaas damage niya.

9. BANE WEAPONS 3 or 4 Stars = for the mean time, habang bini-build mo pa 4 Star and 5 Star Weapon mo, you can invest and use 3 Stars and Rank them up. Examples of Bane Weapons na pwedeng gamitin ng party mo are shown below. (See pictures)


Raven Bow (3* Hydro or Pyro)

Magic Guide (3* Hydro or Electro)

Rainslasher (4* Hydro or Electro)
Bloodstained Greatsword (3 Pyro or Electro)

Dragon's Bane (4* Hydro or Pyro)

Lion's Roar (4* Pyro or Electro)
Cool Steel (3* Hydro or Cryo)

10. RESIN = pag na unlock mo na ang Leylines, always do them everyday until maubos Resin mo, these will give you Adventure Rank EXP. Once you have unlocked Domains, you can then use Resins there for farming materials for Ascension.


For now eto lang muna, these are basic stuff, but hopefully will help those na as in hindi familiar sa ganitong klase ng laro.

-Updated the information above
-Added notes and tips

ctto Ef Jay Lima