Genshin Impact Developers HoYoverse registers new trademark for a potential upcoming game

Recently, HoYoverse registered a new trademark on the Chinese trademark registry, raising the possibility that a new game called "Star Cloth Valley" is being developed. Netizens discovered that the corporation has registered a new trademark on the official Chinese trademark information website on February 2nd, 2024, according to a recent Reddit post.


"新布谷地" (XinBuGuDi), the registered trademark name, translates exactly to "Star Cloth Valley" in English, has submitted 10 international categories. In addition, users have discovered that profiles going by the same name have appeared on Weibo and Bilibili. The IP address of the Bilibili account points back to Shanghai, the location of the HoYoverse headquarters. The combination of the two elements strengthens the notion that these accounts are formally connected to the business.

Fans have already begun to talk about and speculate about the new project; some have even suggested that it might be a farming simulator. Because of the title's resemblance to independent game favorite Stardew Valley, a lot of people are thinking that HoYoverse is branching out from their typical offers and going into slice-of-life simulation games. In the community, comparisons to well-known games like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing are also common.


Recent events and leaked 2023 photos have added to the suspicion that HoYoverse is, in fact, developing a light-hearted simulation game. The concept of a game centered around serene, commonplace events is further supported with concept drawings.

'Star Cloth Valley' and 'Starry Sky Valley' are the most widely proposed translations of the game's title in English. Gacha mechanics have been a feature of HoYoverse games in the past, and it's possible that "Star Cloth Valley" will adopt these elements or not. It's unclear if this will be the case or not.

The impending worldwide release of the urban fantasy action RPG Zenless Zone Zero is the current focus of HoYoverse. After this launch is over, fans can anticipate hearing more specific information about the unidentified new project.