Genshin Impact Epitomized Path Update

Several new characters, weapons, and artifact sets are offered to players following the broadcast of Genshin Impact 2.0. New material and features have, of course, been announced from time to time.


The new Weapon Wish Mechanic was one of the features that jumped out throughout the broadcast.

In the Genshin Impact version 2.0 livestream, the new Weapon Wish mechanism "Epitomized Path" was presented. It's a one-of-a-kind mechanism found exclusively on the Epitome Invocation banner's 4 and 5-star weaponry.

Players will have a better chance of getting the 5-star promotional weapon they want with the maximum amount of 240 pulls in the Epitome Invocation banner now that "Epitomized Path" has been added.

For the forthcoming Genshin Impact V2.0, a desired mechanic called "Epitomized Path" will be introduced to the Epitome Invocation banner.

How To Use Epitomized Path:


  1. Players must design a route to get a certain 5-star promotional weapon of choice in order to activate this function. This may be accomplished prior to their wishing on the banner.
  2. If the Travelers manage to acquire a 5-star weapon in the Weapon Event Wish that is not the one they requested after plotting a path for their weapon of choice and starting wishing, they will get 1 'Fate Points'. It's worth noting that players may only earn a total of two 'Fate Points.'
  3. When players reach the maximum number of 'Fate Points,' they are guaranteed to get the 5-star weapon of their choice from the "Epitomized Path" course at the next 5-star drop.

  1. Epitome Invocation's current promotional weapons include 5-star Claymore Skyward Pride and Catalyst Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds, for example.
  2. The player plots a route for obtaining the weapon Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds.
  3. After charting a route towards Lost Prayer and obtaining both the first and second 5-star weapons, the player will receive 2 Fate Points. Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds is certain to be the third 5-star weapon received.
  4. Once the Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds is obtained, the accrued Fate Points will be erased.
  5. If a player has planned a path to Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds and earned Fate Points along the way, the Fate Points will be cleared if the player changes or cancels the course.

  • When players get their selected weapon via Epitome Invocation via "Epitomized Path," regardless of whether it is 1 or 2 Fate Points, the earned Fate Points will be erased.
  • If a player does not set up a route in "Epitomized Path" to acquire a weapon, they will not receive Fate Points.
  • Players can alter or cancel the courses they picked for a single 5-star weapon. As a result of this action, any current Fate Points will be removed as well.
  • All current Fate Points will be cleared automatically at the end of the current Epitome Invocation banner period.

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