Genshin Impact Event: Marvelous Merchandise PC PlayStation iOS Android 

There have been different receptions regarding Genshin Impact's events while some say that the last event was worthwhile with all the rewards you can get and the BP ranks you can gain to reach the maximum rank at the end, it is still not enough for those who have experienced various events in other games, especially in gacha games. Now, with another event going on right now. Let us see if this is going to be a different reaction from the crowd.

Marvelous Merchandise A.png

The current event, the Marvelous Merchandise is up and the mechanics are pretty simple. Every single day, you will need to find a merchant named Liben and striking a deal with him by giving him various materials for the day. Examples of these are mushrooms, matsutake, pinecones, etc.

Marvelous Merchandise B.png

When given you will be awarded a chance to open a "Box o Marvels" which gives you usually talent materials and primogems. On the first day, he was at Monstadt and today, he was at Springvale. The event preview on the upper right corner usually tells where his location will be so you can narrow down your search in that area.

Marvelous Merchandise C.png

Well, one of the positives on this event is that, it is free and does not consist of primogems. Another one is that it has a BP mission that awards a rank of BP which can be extremely pleasing. But is it really a huge event or just a mini-event?

If you ask me, I am quite disappointed that this is not a big sprawling event but, I guess I can never fully complain about free stuff so I'll just take it. I am just hoping the next patch and the following events will spark the creativity of the devs and make something good for us, don't you think? Well, anyways let's just enjoy this event and get that good stuff, right? Join the Genshin Impact discussion now!