Genshin Impact Free 4 Star Barbara and Preloading Starts now for Android!

Hype train's coming to a close and the game is almost ready for IMPACT! I cannot hold my excitement as a lot of people are, but we are getting there, we definitely are going to get the game tomorrow! Genshin Impact is releasing tomorrow and we have some EXCITING NEWS for people who have been dying to play the game. So, strap in and we'll cover some news before we head in the world of Teyvat.

4 Star Barbara a.jpg

Genshin Impact is releasing tomorrow, 10 AM in the Philippines and the hype is getting closer than ever, so much so that the game is showing all of their big guns to celebrate with us along the way. Yesterday they have announced a new character to be obtained free. Get the 4-star Hydro Character, Barbara by getting to Adventure Rank (AR) 20 before Patch 1.1 comes. It's easy as that. According to my sources, getting to Adventure Rank 20 is simply a 10-12 hour casual play by doing quests, slaying monsters, and all that stuff that lets you get experience to advance your AR.

4 Star Barbara b.png

Take note that Barbara is not the only one, we will be getting for free. Refer back to my post back on September 7, where we talked about the rewards we will be getting on the release date. If you finish the Abyss Floor 3, you can get Xiangling for free! Don't forget that your first 10-pull in the Beginner Gacha will always net you, Noelle! You basically have 3 free characters just by playing and you still have your MC and Amber, raring to go! You have a team that you can set up easily when the time comes. That's pretty rad!

4 Star Barbara  c.png

Ready to play the game? Preload it now! The game has started its preloading and it is available to be downloaded in PC, Android and iOS. Check their official website to download their game on

4 Star Barbara d.png

PC. Google Play Store and Apple App Store should have the game there on their respective platforms.

I, for one, cannot wait to explore Teyvat and see what wonders it has to offer! But what about you? Tell us in the comments section and if you're joining the game, hope to see you there, Traveler!