Genshin Impact Genius Invokation “TCG" New Card Details

When the version 3.4 update launches next week, two new characters, Klee and Beidou, will be added to the Genius Invokation TCG. This was confirmed by Genshin Impact. The character cards and talent cards that will be included in the trading card game, which already has over 20 characters, were described in a recent tweet.


A permanent trading card game called Genius Invokation lets players design their own decks with more than 20 characters and engage in online competition. Players can compete against other characters in weekly challenges to win prizes. Klee and Beidou will join the Genius Invokation TCG in version 3.4, so it appears that they will have two new characters to add variety to their decks.

Pounding Surprise and Lightning Storm, two related talent cards, provide players with combat actions to utilize throughout the card game.

Klee is an expert in Pyro damage, and with the help of her elemental talent Jumpy Dumpty, she can use Explosive Spark to deal three hits in one turn. Explosive Spark's linked character is able to launch a charged attack, which costs 1 less Pyro and does 1 more damage. Additionally, the standard attack to employ will be regarded as a charged attack when the total number of elemental dice is even.


Sparks and Splash, Klee's elemental burst, deals 3 Pyro damage while spawning 1 Sparks and Splash in the enemy's area.

Beidou uses her Oceanborne regular attack to deal 2 Physical damage, while her elemental talent Wavestrider allows her to also deal 2 Electro damage. Tidecaller, Beidou's other elemental skill, grants her the Surf Embrace status, enabling her to activate the Wavestrider skill right away the following time she acts.

Players can use her elemental burst, Stormbreaker, to generate Thunderbeast's Targe and deliver 3 Electro damage. It represents a battle condition that, following a typical assault by Beidou, deals 1 Electro damage. Players can also include a Lightning Storm talent card in their decks. When Beidou uses Wavestrider while wearing this card, his normal attacks will cost one less Unaligned Element (if damage is sustained while Prepare Skill is active).


Next week, Klee and Beidou will be playable in the card game Genius Invokation. A cinematic trailer for the new character Alhaitham, the scribe of the Sumeru, who will arrive in Teyvat with the release of version 3.4 update on Wednesday, January 18th, was just released by HoYoverse as part of Genshin Impact. Dendro 4-star Yaoyao, who debuted in version 3.4, is another playable character.